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Clearwater Tech art Apex IVClearwater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) offers the Apex VI system, which includes the CD12 ozone generator, an oxygen concentrator, and all other components needed to manage water in residential pools, commercial spas and waterfeatures. For details, click here.










DEL Ozone 5DEL Ozone (San Luis Obispo, CA) announces the availability of Solar Eclipse, an oxidizing system that uses an ozone generator and germicidal ultraviolet lamps to maximize water disinfection in residential pools containing up to 50,000 gallons.  For details, click here.








Natare 5Natare (Indianapolis, IN) has introduced the MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filter for pools, waterfeatures and aquatic facilities.  The high-efficiency, large-capacity systems are designed to generate water of the highest quality while achieving economical operating costs.  For details, click here.




Aquamatic 5

Aquamatic Cover Systems (Gilroy, CA) has published literature on HydraLux – the only automatic pool covers that operate without tracks, ropes or leading-edge bars.   The brochure discusses the technology and illustrates a full range of possible applications.  For details, click here.







American West art 5American West Windmill & Solar (Abernathy, TX) is the U.S. master distributor for the Lorentz PS1800 CS-37-1 solar pump for pool and pond applications.  The quiet-running unit features a variable-speed motor and achieves a flow rate of 153 gallons per minute.  For details, click here.






Waterco artWaterco (USA) (Augusta, GA) offers MultiCyclone Plus, a centrifugal filter design that retrofits to any system and reduces the need for backwashing and maintenance by capturing particulates before they reach the filter medium. For details, click here.






Latham artLatham Pool Products (Latham, NY) manufactures Ultra-Seam liners for swimming pools. The liners are made using a process that creates stronger seams that are virtually invisible, eliminating distracting lines on the bottom of vinyl-liner pools. For details, click here.



Raypak artRaypak Professional (Oxnard, CA) announces the availability of its PS165VSP variable speed pool and spa pump. The high-performance, medium head, self-priming unit has and easy-to-program controller and a built-in 24-hour timer. For details, click here.



Pebble Technology artPebble Technology (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced the Finishing Touches pool-tile collection. The three lines have been selected for visual compatibility with the company’s interior finishes and include a wide range of colors and looks. For details, click here.







Hayward artHayward Commercial Pool (Elizabeth, NJ) has introduced the Saline C 6.0 salt chlorine generator. The commercial-grade unit produces up to six pounds of chlorine a day – enough to treat a 60,000-gallon outdoor or 90,000-gallon indoor pool. For details, click here.




PentairPentair Water Pool & Spa (Sanford, NC) offers the IntellipH, a pH controller that automatically feeds muriatic acid into pool and spa water to keep pH at desired levels, thereby protecting pool equipment and finishes.   For details, click here.






LightstreamsLightstreams Glass Tile (Santa Clara, CA) manufactures Jewel Inlays, a line of decorative glass-tile strands that provide spectacular visual accents marking pool steps, benches and spa seating.   For details, click here.




Jandy/ZoJandyiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) offers the VS FloPro, a compact, durable, high-efficiency, quiet-running variable-speed motor that can reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent   For details, click here.