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Hammerhead pool artHammerhead International (Las Vegas, NV) makes acrylic panels for use in high-end residential and commercial swimming pools.  Available in many shapes and sizes, the panels can be made to match everything from the most complicated radiuses of vanishing-edge walls to simple spa panels.  The company also offers installation services.  For details, click here.




Hayward light control 3Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has announced the release of the ColorLogic Light Controller, an easy-to-install unit designed to control the company’s low-voltage, customizable LED lighting systems.  The wall-mounted device has an adjusting dial and a preview window, offering ten fixed colors as well as seven color-changing light shows.  For details, click here.









pentair comm eq pump artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) now offers a totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motor with its EQ series of pumps.  The new motors are more robust and corrosion-resistant because ambient air cannot enter, making these pumps, which come in four sizes, suitable for use with salt-chlorination systems or in coastal applications.  For details, click here.





delta e es artDelta UV (Gardena, CA) has released its E-Series of low-pressure, high-output ultraviolet systems for water disinfection.  Featuring Clean Light Technology, the easy-to-install units come with either stainless steel or PVC housings; have lamps that last up to 16,000 hours; and are available in five sizes for flow rates from 31 to 110 gallons per minute.  For details, click here.










cmp laminar artCustom Molded Products (Tyrone, GA) has launched a laminar jet system featuring advanced LED lighting, a synchronizing system and a prefilter for use around pools.  Designed for a balance of performance and reliability, the units have precision stainless steel nozzles and a flow system that minimizes turbulence for a glass-like laminar flow.  For details, click here.



waterway polystorm artWaterway Plastics (Oxnard, CA) manufactures Poly Storm jets for use in gunite spas.  The units come in a variety of colors and spray configurations.  All of the internal components are threaded and interchangeable, so massage approaches can be mixed, matched and altered to suit specific client needs or desires – and the jets are large enough for easy changing.  For details, click here.





astralpool vs pump artAstralPool (Jacksonville, FL) produces the Viron P300 variable-speed pump.  Featuring a housing that offers near-silent operation and a permanent-magnet, brushless DC motor designed to decrease operating costs, the pump adapts to the task at hand while reducing wear and tear on filters, heaters, chlorinators and other system components.  For details, click here.




ClearWater CD30 artClearWater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) has added the CD30nx ozone generator for commercial and residential swimming pools and spas to its product line.  The compact, wall-mounted unit features a unique LCD user interface that allows for control and monitoring of ozone production, system status and diagnostics in a variety of languages.  For details, click here.









Hayward nest artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has announced that its OmniLogic automation system now works with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect.  With this interaction, Nest modes such as home, away or protect can now turn on or off backyard equipment and features based on the homeowner’s behavior or scheduling preferences. For details, click here.





Astral Viron heater artAstralPool (Jacksonville, FL) manufactures the Viron gas heater for residential swimming pools and spas.  Designed using heat-on-demand technology, the compact units feature operating efficiencies of up to 97 percent; save up to 20 percent on operating costs; and adjust burner levels to hold the water to within one degree of the desired temperature.  For details, click here.    







sr smith treo artS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has introduced the Treo Micro line for accent lighting and for illuminating small, hard-to-light areas in pools and spas, including steps, swim outs, beach entries and waterfalls.  The compact units operate with the company’s wireless control systems and are available in both white LED and full-color RGB LED versions.  For details, click here.





cmp brilliant wonders artCustom Molded Products (Tyrone, GA) manufactures Brilliant Wonders, a waterfall system with built-in LED lighting.  Each easy-to-install, easy-to-service unit features a sawtooth edge to churn the water and enhance sound effects; the LEDs can be synchronized across multiple waterfalls and are intense enough to work both night and day.  For details, click here.



zodiac ozone artZodiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) now offers Jandy Pro Series corona-discharge ozone generators.  Designed without vulnerable glass or stainless steel components, the units use ceramic plasma technology (which is impervious to water) and serve as supplemental sanitizers in killing pathogens, destroying organics and breaking down chloramines.  For details, click here.