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natare alkor artNatare (Indianapolis, IN) offers AlkorPlan, a durable, watertight pool lining system that is easily installed and works both with renovations and new construction.  The decorative, tear-resistant material can be installed over any type of substrate with minimal surface preparation, adapts to all shapes and pool configurations and won’t crack, peel or chip.  For details, click here.







color match pole holder artColor Match Pool Fittings (Surprise, AZ) makes pole holders for concrete pools and spas.  Designed for 1-1/2-inch umbrellas, volleyball posts and tiki torches, the sleeves come in five- and seven-inch models; are available in eight colors; can be placed on floors, steps or decks; include threaded sealing caps; and have built-in, leak-reducing water stops.  For details, click here.








hayward 2016 catalog artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has published printed and digital versions of its 2016 Buyer’s Guide, a 394-page volume that includes information on the company’s lines of pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, sanitizers, automation systems and more for residential and commercial pools and spas.  There’s also parts and new-product information.  For details, click here.










aquamatic artpool artAquamatic Cover Systems (Gilroy, CA) has mounted a catalog showing pool-cover designs available through its partnership with ArtPoolCover, a specialist in vinyl imprinting.  The 21-page, full-color digital catalog features animal skins, flags, cars, floral designs, leaves, textiles and numerous playful options.  Custom images can be created as well.  For details, click here.












astral filter artAstralPool (Jacksonville, FL) manufactures the Viron CL Cartridge Filter.  Designed for use in residential pools, the low-maintenance units are made of non-corroding materials and feature high-capacity, antimicrobial Microban filter elements that require only annual cleaning in most applications – a safe, healthy approach that saves both time and water.  For details, click here.







cfloat artcFloat (Berkeley, CA) has introduced its cFloat system – a floating bouy, an in-home unit and a phone app that configures the system and allows for real-time monitoring of conditions in a pool (including water chemistry and temperature) and the surrounding environment (UV index and air temperature).   The unit also functions as a pool alarm.  For details, click here.










renosys duratech artRenoSys (Indianapolis, IN) now offers a full range of DuraTech pool gratings to accommodate any pool gutter trench’s width or style – T-bar, I-bar or interlocking.  Certified slip-resistant and made of colorfast, UV-resistant polymers, fiberglass, PVC, granite or stainless steel, they are ideal for use in repairing or renovating aquatic facilities.  For details, click here.






vita nova catalog artVita Nova Luxury Mosaic (Pacoima, CA) has published a digital catalog on the 20-year-old firm’s lines of glass, ceramic and natural stone mosaic tiles for custom pools and spas.  The ten-page, full-color file shares images of completed projects to demonstrate the lines’ creative range and contains information on the company’s design-support services.  For details, click here.




jandy versaflo artZodiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) has introduced JXi gas heaters featuring VersaFlo integrated-bypass technology.  The bypass system maximizes the hydraulic efficiency of pool equipment pads by reducing pressure drop across the heating system when the heater isn’t in use, thereby making an energy-efficient heating system even more efficient.  For details, click here.











srsmith tx-30 artS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has introduced the TX-30 LED Pool Lighting Kit – a complete lighting system that includes a low-voltage power center and one, two, or three Treo LED pool lights.  The lights feature six colors and operate in both fast and slow color-changing modes.  The system enclosure is made of corrosion-resistant polycarbonate.  For details, click here.





coverstar autodrain artCoverstar (Lindon, UT) offers AutoDrain, an optional, built-in cover pump that rides on the top of the cover and starts automatically when its sensors detect water.  The unit is attached to a swing arm that retracts under the lid with the cover, eliminating the need to place and remove a cover pump manually and enhancing cover durability and safety.  For details, click here.




solarbreeze nx artSolar Pool Technologies (Scottsdale, AZ) offers Solar-Breeze NX, a floating pool cleaner that removes dirt, debris, pollen and even suntan oils from the surface before they sink.  By day, the system operates off of solar cells and stores energy in a rechargeable battery for extended operation.  The unit has UV-resistant top housings and obstruction sensors.  For details, click here.







CLI crystalstones artCL Industries (Orlando, FL) offers CrystalStones, a durable, natural pebble finish designed for use in pools and spas.  The material applies easily using traditional or spray techniques and is available in 28 color mixes and two pebble grades – a smaller size that provides an evenly textured, smooth surface and a larger size that suggests a sandy beach.  For details, click here.