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Hadco bricklight artPhilips Hadco (Somerset, NJ) manufactures the Bronzelite LED bricklytes.  Sized to occupy the same space as a standard 9 by 3-1/2-inch brick, the fixtures come in horizontal, vertical or frosted-lens configurations that allow light to be directed where it is needed.  In addition, the fixtures are designed to stay cool to the touch – including the lens.  For details, click here.








outdoor shower 2015 catalog artOutdoor Shower Co. (Dallas, GA) has published a digital catalog on its line of freestanding and wall-mounted showers designed for both residential and commercial applications around pools, spas and waterparks.  The literature covers more than 40 styles; custom fabrications are available, as are options such as foot showers, hose bibs and drinking fountains.  For details, click here.









AWG hardscape light artAtlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has added hardscape lighting to its Sol line of outdoor lighting products.  Available in warm white and color-changing varieties, the cast-brass lighting fixtures are equipped with stainless steel mounting brackets, come in 6- and 12-inch widths and are designed to wash walls, illuminate steps and highlight ledges.  For details, click here.




Lightcraft LED accent artLightcraft Outdoor Environments (Chatsworth, CA) has introduced a line of 12-volt, LED, flush-mounted step and accent lights.  Available with 1- or 2-watt lamps and made with a design that eliminates the need for a back junction box, the units install easily and feature a low profile that projects (on average) only an inch from the surface.  For details, click here.





Grand Effects fire table artGrand Effects (Irvine, CA) produces Aura Fire Table, complete with matching seats.  Available in ten colors ranging from urban slate to burnt terra cotta, the large tables come in both manual or automated models, include flame-monitoring technology, can operate with natural gas or propane and can be controlled using any home-automation system.  For details, click here.



Atlantic Water Gardens hardscape artAtlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has released a new line of cast-brass hardscape lights in both warm-white and color-changing versions.  Designed to wash exterior surfaces in light, the LED fixtures are available in 6- and 12-inch-wide models and can be used to illuminate steps, illuminate walls in light and brighten spaces under ledges.  For details, click here.




Aquaview artAquaview (Los Angeles, CA) manufactures frameless glass fences and railing systems for use around both residential and commercial pools and spas.  Doubling as a sleek design element, the easy-to-install fencing system is made using half-inch plate glass secured with stainless steel clamps and provides a secure barrier without the usual visual intrusion.  For details, click here.


FX Luminaire controller artFX Luminaire (San Marcos, CA) offers Luxor ZDC, an LED lighting controller with zoning, dimming and all-new color capabilities.  With 30,000 colors possible via a finger-operated color wheel, the units can be used to create custom color displays in landscapes for holidays or special events and can make adjustments to set the mood for all occasions.  For details, click here





Grand Effects granite firepit artGrand Effects (Irvine, CA) has added granite fire pits to its list of products.  Kits are available in three configurations (round, square or linear) to meet a range of design requirements and include sets of pre-cut granite stones.  They can be set up for use with any burner – the company’s or another supplier’s – or as wood-burning features.  For details, click here.



LifeGuardLift ADA artLifeguard Lift (Eaton Rapids, MI) makes two battery-powered, ADA-compliant lifts (Models 100287 and 100289) that provide secure transfers for people getting in and out of therapy, in-ground and aboveground pools and spas.  With 350-pound capacities and 360-degree powered rotations, the systems can be mounted either in or on a deck.  For details, click here.







Inter-Fab rail artInter-Fab (Tucson, AZ) has expanded its rail-fabrication services and now offers designers and builders the ability to provide customized pool and spa railings.  Available with large-radius and multi-plane bends in both pool- and marine-grade stainless steel or five different powder coatings, the units can also be coated in three colors to protect against salt.  For details, click here.



FX wall artFX Luminaire (San Marcos, CA) has released model MO, an LED fixture designed for use as walkway or recessed ceiling lighting in commercial and residential landscapes.  Available in four metal and ten powder-coated finishes, the units are powered by one or three LEDs for flexible light output and come with four colored filters and four faceplate options.  For details, click here.



Clear Fence artClear Fence Solutions (Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada) offers see-through fencing for installation on decks and around swimming pools.  Designed with safety, aesthetics and affordability in mind, the modular system features a lightweight, transparent, impact-resistant polymer formulation mounted using a swivel system to achieve any desired angle.  For details, click here.