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DD artworkD&D Technologies (Huntington Beach, CA) now offers LokkLatch Magnetic, a magnetic latching system that fits any metal, wood or vinyl square post.  Available with trim covers that match gate hinges, lighting and yard accessories, the system helps create a cohesive outdoor living environment while withstanding the effects of time and weather.  For details, click here.




Grand Effects 5Grand Effects (Irvine, CA) offers Tiki Torches with a number of profiles and finishes.  Made with cut stone or aluminum with powder-coated surfaces, the manually operated units are easy to install and use and warm a space with 6,500 Btus per hour.  For details, click here.







Grand EffectsGrand Effects (Irvine, CA) manufactures vertical torches for commercial and residential applications.  The decorative, space-heating devices use Venturi technology to create dramatic, spiraling flames.   For details, click here.







Aqua Bella 1Aqua Bella Designs (Harpers Ferry, WV) has set up a web page featuring images of its new Fire & Water Stone Fountain, which works as either a focal feature or as part of an overall landscape design.  For details, click here.


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