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sunbreroartSunbrero Products (Irving, TX) has introduced an in-pool umbrella that doesn’t require a built-in stanchion. Once the structural base is submerged in water, inserting the pole is all it takes to provide shade where it’s wanted or needed most. Engineered for stability in all conditions, the pole also features a height-adjustable refreshment holder. For details, click here.



crystalevapcoolartCrystal Fountains (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) manufactures the NEJ100 Evaporative Cooling Jet – a stainless steel unit that produces an inch-and-a-half-diameter water column that arches up from a flush-mounted position on a deck. The 37 holes produce evaporative cooling for deck areas, with discharge streams angled for maximum cooling effect. For details, click here.




hearthevolutionartHearth Products Controls (Kettering, OH) has launched Evolution 360, a fire-and-water feature for residential or commercial applications. Designed to add the sound of flowing, LED-lit water to flickering flames, the durable, weather-resistant, self-contained units come fully assembled and include water filters, switch controllers, water levelers and more. For details, click here.



galepacificdestinationartGale Pacific USA (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) has introduced the Destination Collection – part of the DualShade 350 line of shade fabrics made with knit patterns that result in a single color on one side with a complementary color on the other. The UV-resistant, durable fabrics are available in three color combinations – Maldives, Santorini and Capri. For details, click here.



ecosmartstixfireartEcoSmart Fire (Culver City, CA) manufactures Stix, a fire feature that has the look of a traditional campfire. Made up of tubular stainless steel “sticks” of varying sizes, the easily portable units come in stainless steel or black and operate on clean-burning bioethanol drawn from a hidden 2.5 liter tank with an eight-hour fuel supply – no fumes or smoke. For details, click here and scroll down.



endlesstreadmillartEndless Pools (Aston, PA) has launched Hydrostride, a treadmill for residential swimming pools. The easy-to-install system offers a total body workout, allowing users to walk, jog or run in water at speeds ranging from 0.5 to 5.5 miles per hour – all with less impact and reduced strain on joints plus all the benefits of full-resistance aquatic exercise. For details, click here.




srsmithledconversionartS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) offers PT-6001 and PT-6002 fiber-to-LED conversion kits to update Fiberstars 6004/2004 fiberoptic illuminators. PT-6001 is a single 60-watt, one-circuit unit; PT-6002 is a dual 60-watt, two-circuit unit that features synced or independent circuit control. Both are designed for safety, easy installation and dependable performance. For details, click here.



outdoorgreatroomfiretableartOutdoor Greatroom Co. (Burnsville, MN) manufactures the Kenwood, a gas-fueled fire pit that doubles as a dining table. Set at standard dining-table height, the units have composite deck tops and bases for a warm, modern look and feature 12-by-42-inch burners, manual or automatic ignitions and a compartment in the base that hides a propane tank. For details, click here.



ricorockclimbartRick Rock (Orlando, FL) offers a vertical rock-climbing wall for poolside mounting and use by bathers who can climb up, jump off and splash back into the pool. Made of reinforced, lightweight cast concrete with a structural steel frame, the kit’s components are molded from natural rock and stand nearly eight feet tall, ten feet wide and four feet deep. For details, click here.



westminsterteakhorizonartWestminster Teak (Live Oak, FL) manufactures the Horizon double-chaise set to bring a timeless look to resorts and spas. Offered along with cushions and side tables, the sets feature minimal moving parts and marine-grade 316L stainless steel backrest supports. They can be used separately or linked as double lounges and are stackable for easy storage. For details, click here.



srsmithcommdestartS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) manufactures the Destination Lounger. Designed for light weight and durability, the heavy-duty lounges are easy to place and move around in hospitality and commercial-pool facilities in water up to 12 inches deep. The units come in a range of fade-resistant colors and are easy to drain, remove and store when not in use. For details, click here.



bobebuilderartBobé Water & Fire (Phoenix, AZ) now offers the Builder Series, which combines water and fire in cost-efficient single-bowl designs. Available in various sizes and material options and in custom formats, the units are available in copper, stainless steel or hammered copper as well as in powder-coated versions in slate, walnut, terra or midnight. For details, click here.



trexpergolaartTrex Pergola (Fredericksburg, VA) manufactures a pergola with a retractable canopy system that provides customizable shelter from the sun. The aluminum-reinforced-vinyl pergolas will not rot, warp, split or fade and come in 20 standard sizes as well as custom designs; lighting, heaters and curtains can be added to perfect the outdoor-living experience. For details, click here.