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campaniacortenartCampania (Pennsburg, PA) produces its model MC1, a cast-stone fountain kit highlighted by either a Cor-Ten steel or copper panel. Available in any of 14 colors, the fountains hold 20 to 25 gallons of water and are 25 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep and 60 inches tall. The kit includes a 320 gallon-per-hour pump and all required tubing and hose clamps. For details, click here.



bluethumbbubblerartBlue Thumb (Saginaw, MI) manufactures bubbling-rock fountains in a range of styles and profiles. Designed to provide the sounds of moving water in compact packages, the low-maintenance, fully-plumbed, natural-look systems can be installed almost anywhere a 36-inch-square space is available – in a planter or even on a patio or deck. For details, click here.



oasewatertrioartOase (West Palm Beach, FL) makes Water Trio for garden displays. The linear waterfeature has three pumps and three fountain jets that rise with varying heights between 12 and 55 inches and feature LED lighting with adjustable intensities. The system operates with 12-volt technology and can be programmed via an easy-to-use remote control. For details, click here.



ftpeoplefxproartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) offers the FXPRO Series of LED lights. Designed to provide bright, programmable lighting for any fountain or splash pad, the fixtures can be used underwater and in wet/dry applications, contain 18 RGBW color-changing diodes and feature on-board DMX drivers that can be individually addressed by a DMX controller. For details, click here.



gawcaquazeroartGreat American Waterfall Co. (Spring Hill, FL) manufactures Aqua Zero Edge, a two-piece spillway system that adds detail to and speeds completion of raised pool walls. Available as standard two-foot-long units for geometric and some freeform applications, the system consists of a mounting plate and a trough dam that can be modified on site. For details, click here.



stoneforestportlandartStone Forest (Santa Fe, NM) makes hand-carved stone tsukubai basins from beige granite with a design similar to one installed in the Japanese garden in Portland, Ore. Intended for use with a bamboo spout (with a 70-gallon-per-hour pump, available separately), the 18-by-18-by-9.5-inch basin can also be drilled for use as a bubbling fountain. For details, click here.


gawcaquastormartGreat American Waterfall Co. (Hudson, FL) manufactures Aqua Storm, a system for wet walls or rain curtains in either sheet or stream form. Available in standard or custom configurations with either side or bottom feeds, the nozzles operate at .25-, .50- or 1-gallon-per-minute flow rates with two-inch feeds and come in a selection of standard colors. For details, click here.


paramountbubblerartParamount Pool & Spa Systems (Chandler, AZ) makes the Parascope, a telescoping waterfeature that rises when actuated and then drops down flush with the pool surface when it’s time to play or swim. The adjustable-height units feature three flow patterns (flower, bubbler and fountain) and may be installed on steps, benches, sun shelves or floors. For details, click here.


haddonstonenapoliartHaddonstone (Pueblo, CO) has expanded its line of Neapolitan-style centerpieces with the Napoli self-circulating, self-contained fountain for small garden, terrace or patio spaces. Featuring two ornate shell bowls, a pedestal and a pump, the fountain’s water flows from a naturalistic bud fountainhead into the top bowl before dropping to the bottom bowl. For details, click here.






bluethumbwallartBlue Thumb Distributing (Saginaw, MI) makes Formal Falls waterfall systems for use in a variety of retaining walls. The units are compact for easy placement and installation and are available with LED lights for either multi-colored or fixed-color nighttime displays. They come in four widths and in custom configurations and feature stainless steel spouts. For details, click here.




easypro tranquil artEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) makes the Tranquil Décor line of magnetic-drive pumps for small fountains and waterfeatures. The submersible, easy-to-service units are available in six models with outputs ranging from 85 to 1,000 gallons per hour and feature adjustable flow controls. All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy for safety. For details, click here.





ftn supp skid artFountain Supply Co. (Santa Clarita, CA) puts together high-performance pump skids for use with decorative fountains. Heavy-duty components on the skids’ stainless steel bases include all-bronze pumps, stainless steel cartridge filters, PVC-housed chlorinators, red brass piping and bronze valves – all tailored to required outputs, pressure levels and layout. For details, click here.




hayward laminar artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) now offers ColorLogic Laminars, jets that sends clear, glass-like rods of arcing water from deck to pool. When matched with the company’s lighting system, the units feature 10 solid colors or seven color-changing light shows. They also have a height adjustment mechanism for perfect deck-level alignment. For details, click here.