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8-21 akins video artBy Lew Akins

Of all the decisions related to swimming pool projects, the one that tends to be the most difficult for average consumers to wrap their minds around has to do with selecting the sanitizing system.  And that’s with good reason, because water treatment is a complex, science-laden topic that can involve a lifetime of study.

As a result, I figured that a simple, direct approach would be best in my video series – no chemistry lessons, no sage pronouncements, just a few balanced facts and observations intended to help homeowners engage in pertinent conversations with their contractors as they progress toward informed decisions.

In my lengthening career, I’ve seen too many instances in which homeowners have more or less been bullied through this part of the buying process – the “this is what we always use” approach I mention in the video linked below.  In my book, that’s a disservice.  What’s worse is that a ramrod attitude also stands a fair chance of becoming a point of friction as homeowners who get accustomed to having their own pools start paying attention to friends’ pools and discover what else is available.  

It’s my observation that most homeowners are perfectly happy to be guided by an expert’s experience, but if you aren’t defining options and educating them about the alternatives – even on the simplest of levels – you’re missing yet another opportunity to get them to buy into the process and be more satisfied with the outcome.

To see in brief how I approach these issues, click here.


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