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2010/6.1, June 2 -- Low Bidders, Ready-Made Fountains, Concrete's Majesty and more


2010/5.2, May 18 -- Designing with Heirlooms, Learning from Others, Water Resources and more


A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others."

If you follow that Latin proverb, then you might conclude that the watershaping industry is populated by a fair number of smart people and a few wise ones. There are others out there, [more]

It's human nature: We often neglect the quality and profound importance of that which fulfills our most basic needs.  At a minimum, we expect breathable (if not clean) air, abundant food, warm beds, companionship, clothing and, especially, clean water. We take these and...  [more]

It might sound a bit strange to put it this way, but when it comes to design work, one of the most useful things you can do is to think about how you think about design.

If you're like me and have been working as a watershape designer for more years than you care to count, much...  [more]

2010/5.1, May 4 -- Classic Water Chain, Soils Testing, Interview and more

All About Soils
Through the past several years, I've witnessed a debate among people in the watershaping industry about whether every construction project should require soils and geology reports as part of every design and engineering process.  [more]
Roman Fountains, a designer and manufacturer of fountain-system packages and components based in Albuquerque, N.M.  [more]
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