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The Unfolding Process

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

This edition of the WaterShapes newsletter is appearing on the opening day of the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo.  By that Wednesday, I will have been in New Orleans for two days – and will have landed late enough on Monday evening that I will have missed all of the Hallowe’en festivities.

That’s fine by me:  I’ve been in New Orleans for three

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Mission: New Orleans

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

My bags aren’t quite packed yet, but I’m already excited about hitting the road for New Orleans and the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo during the first week of November.  As I’ve written in previous blogs in advance of the show, I always look forward to these events – and I have to confess that I’m particularly pleased when

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A Mighty Chorus

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

I’ve been up on my “river pools” hobby horse for a good while now, which is why I can’t believe I missed a great story from the online version of Outside magazine when it appeared on May 19, 2016.

Written by Erin Beresini and headlined, “Why Urban Swimming Pools Are Raising Millions on Kickstarter:  Inside the revolution to reclaim

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I'm Not Alone . . .

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

When I wrote about the trend toward floating “river pools” in my July 13 blog (click here), I had no idea I’d pick up quick editorial support from TravelandLeisure.com, the web site for the grand magazine of the same name.

In an article entitled, “Absurdly Scenic Floating Pools to Add to Your ‘To-Swim’ List,” Erika Owen flashes through five of the

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Rockin' in Rio

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

I’ve been an avid fan of the Olympic Games ever since I can remember.

It all started with the 1960 Games in Rome, which I watched with my brothers and sisters through some of the few hours of available television coverage.  Mostly I recall Rafer Johnson’s and C.K Yang’s duel in the decathlon, with the mere concept of competing in ten separate events blowing my young mind.  And I recall watching Cassius Clay in boxing

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Fountain Foolishness?

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

Where do you stand when it comes to people using off-limits public fountains to beat the heat?

With the arrival of the dog days of summer, I’ve spotted a generous selection of news items about people getting in trouble (or at least being chased away) when they’ve sought cool comfort in the waters of

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Milestone Time

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

I was chatting with a high-school friend a couple weeks back – someone I hadn’t spoken with in quite a while, so we had lots of catching up to do.

Once we passed beyond kids and grandkids and a brief discussion of the vicissitudes of advancing age, he asked how I was spending my time these days and let me know he’d heard through another of our shared friends that I wasn’t in the magazine business

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A Timely Proposition

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

I grinned from ear to ear a couple weeks ago while reading a press release from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.  It was about a request for proposals to create a “Learn-to-Swim Index” – a system designed to track how many people are completing formal swimming lessons in the United States – and I’m still smiling today.

What NSPF is after, I believe, is

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The Power of a Pool

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

Through the past couple years, I’ve followed with great and growing interest a collection of news items about international efforts to bring safe, spacious swimming facilities to urban waterways.

If memory serves, the first stories I noticed were about the Flussbad (“river pool”), a proposal to transform a section of a canal into a

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What's Up with the News?

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

The news wasn’t great for public pools, hot tubs and waterparks in the days leading up to Memorial Day and the start of the 2016 swimming season:  In five big states (Florida, New York, Texas, Arizona and California), a series of aquatic-facility inspections by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found widespread violations and in some cases closed facilities pending remedial action.  

News of these inspections went viral

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A Personal First

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

As I noted a couple weeks back, my to-do list of household projects has long included installation of a small fountain.  

In the place I had always intended to put it, I figured that the watershape would be visible from the redwood deck where we do most of our warm-weather entertaining; from the stone deck where we

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Generational Joys

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

Every once in a while, the fact that I’m not getting any younger smacks me right upside the head.

This time, it’s had to do with becoming a grandfather for the second time – an event that’s led me to do more than the usual amount of reflecting in recent days and, in particular, think about instances when I’ve intertwined my personal and professional lives.

My oldest daughter was born in 1985, just before I returned to Los Angeles after a few years’ absence to take on the top editor’s job with Pool & Spa News.   By the time

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Wow -- Just Wow

Blog art croppedBy Jim McCloskey

I’m still stunned by news of the intended merger between the National Swimming Pool Foundation and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.  I’ve been a professional observer of the pool/spa component of the watershaping universe for more than 30 years now, and I was caught completely off guard by

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  • Hi Jim: Good thoughts! I think that the Genesis team, as well as the Foundation, are highly aware of the challenges and will make sure that there is no "dumbing down" of the Genesis programs. Thanks! Brian
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