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Music of the Moment

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Sometimes it’s the most ordinary experiences that yield the most sublime memories – the pleasant surprise, a beautiful view, the warmth of the sun after a dip in the ocean.  For me (and I suspect I’m not alone), these experiences occur

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Contrasting the Arts

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

If you’ve been reading WaterShapes for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that we take more than a bit of pride in presenting the arts and crafts of watershaping in the broadest possible ways.  From modest and subtle to bold and elaborate, the work

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Echoing Green

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

The combination of water and plant material is so pervasive and obvious in natural and man-made settings that it’s easy to take it for granted.  In urban parks, rural settings and countless backyards, where one finds the blue, one also finds the green – and we all seem pre-wired

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Old and New

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Watershaping is one of the few art forms possessed of the ability to bridge the gaps between the very old and the very new.  

From the classic looks of Roman baths and the reflecting pools of ancient Islam to

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The Home Front

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

In a sense, the way we “dress” our homes’ exteriors is not all that different from the way we dress ourselves:  Both are expressions of personal pride, and the aesthetic choices we make speak volumes about who we are.  Some of us prefer

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Healthy Pursuits

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

When you talk to clients about why they want a swimming pool or spa, which benefits generally top their lists?  Are they after beauty, luxury or a relaxing lifestyle accessory?  Or is it the sound of moving water, a focus on entertaining or a place to play?    

Through the years, I’ve spoken with lots of you about how important it is to understand precisely what

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Technical Ecstasy

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

I’ve always found it interesting that most of us have such a clear divide in our minds between technical and aesthetic thinking.

Science tells us that our brains conduct analytical and logical thought processes on one side and creative and emotional thought processes on the other – and that certainly makes sense when you consider

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October Skies

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

October has always been my favorite month.  

I was born in October and married not once but twice within the span of its 31 days.  My son’s birthday is October 11, and where I live in southern California, the weather is as beautiful as it gets straight through:  The first hints of winter’s chill chase

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Beneath the Surface

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

One of the perks of my job as Editor of WaterShapes is that from time to time I get to go on the road to see truly great work in person, often in stunning locations.  Occasionally, however, when I walk on site my best expectations are blasted to

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Important Steps

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Sometimes the simple things make all the difference between success and failure.  

For all of the high-flown conceptualizing that drives much of what so many watershapers do these days, there’s no escaping the need for attention to

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Classic Derivations

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

It might be something of a cliché, but it’s often said that there’s great wisdom in being willing and able to learn the lessons of history.

In that spirit, I recently took advantage of an opportunity to sit in on a class in the

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Elemental Insights

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Sometimes the simplest ideas shine the most brilliantly.

Take water, for example:  For all the complexity of “shaping” it with hydraulics, chemistry, structural engineering and dealing with the hard-line issues of technology and craft, it’s the hypnotic, aesthetic and even spiritual qualities of the material that ultimately

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Brave New Worlds

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

If you’re like me, news stories in magazines and on television that cover innovations in science and technology are far more interesting than about 95 percent of the stuff featured in the mainstream media these days.  To me, few things are more intriguing than peeking in on the

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