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Pride, Not Pretense

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

There’s an important point about this magazine that I’d like to clarify:  A small number of readers have commented that because this magazine tends to

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The Future is Now

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

In the year since we launched this “new magazine for a new era,” many of you have called or written to tell us that you like what we’re doing and that you share the magazine’s fundamental vision:  that the future of

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Monuments in Water

By Eric Herman

Throughout recorded history, great societies have built monuments to celebrate their victories, commemorate their tragedies and express their guiding ideals.  Through creation of these great works of art or

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Watching Rivers Run

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

There’s a fascinating conceptual relationship between man-made bodies of water and those created by nature.

On the one hand, the most accomplished

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Echoes of Laughter

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

When I was kid in the ’60s, my mom would take my sisters and me to a place called Penn Park near our home in Whittier, Calif.  It was a beautiful old hillside city park with towering trees, winding paths and

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Powerful Influences

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

There’s a new wrinkle in this issue of WaterShapes.  

Just inside the back cover, you’ll find “Book Notes,” a brand-new column by landscape architect and watershape

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Generation G

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Since the beginning, we at WaterShapes have made no bones about the philosophical connection between our magazine and

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Choice Words

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

What do you call the effect of water falling over the edge of a pool?  Do you say it has a negative edge?  An infinity edge?  A vanishing edge?  Or do you have

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All Around You

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

It’s amazing what can happen when you begin to look at the world through open eyes and with an open heart.  More often than not, things that were once taken for granted or that

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In Praise of Vision Casters

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

The key to progress in most industries is the presence of people who are able to see through to a better tomorrow.  At WaterShapes, we’ve sought to create a forum for

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Core Values

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

It’s disappointing when we discover that something beautiful on the surface is devoid of substance at its core.

Our world is full of far too many examples:  The ill-tempered

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Now and Then

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

Last year at about this time, we ran a sequence of articles on watershapes of historic or monumental importance.  These included such spectacular installations as the fountains and pools of

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The Ultimate Canvas

WaterShapes LogotypeBy Eric Herman

I envy landscape architects and designers and your involvement in the design of everything from small, intimate residential spaces to sweeping acreage intended for public use.    

This creation of “exterior spaces for human occupation,” as some have called it, is a

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