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Tuning the Sound of Falling Water

By Scott Cohen

ScottCohenTuningSpillwaysIn creating waterfalls, some watershapers don’t seem to realize is that you can precisely control the sound the falling water makes as it descends from level to another.

My goal in paying attention to this detail is to take advantage of

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  • Guest - Gabe Rosica

    I'm working on a similar problem. From what you wrote, I'm not sure what you did. At first I thought you said you put stainless mesh just below the surface of the water in the catch basin. But I don't see how this would "alter the way the water reached the surfaces of the basins", since the screen i...
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Sound Stage

1-23 beard video artBy Randy Beard

Filling small courtyards and other compact spaces with the sounds of moving water is a valued service watershapers often perform for clients these days.  

A frequent approach in these cases involves installation of wall-mounted fountains in which water issues from a source set toward the top of the fixture and drops into a small basin from which the water is drawn and

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The Mysterious Leaking Fountain

By Scott Cohen

ScottCohenMysteryFountainThis lesson involves the performance of a simple but elegant aboveground fountain.

As is true of all watershapes, fountains need to be built in such a way that they reliably hold water and don’t leak. That’s an obvious given, of course, but water being the clever devil it is, if you miss

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  • Guest - Joel

    You have no idea how much this post helped me. I have a porcelain fountain that appeared to sporadically leak. I had placed one if the tubes from my drip system into to bowl to keep it filled. I've spent a lot if time and tried mutiple methods to seal the bowl. Then I found this post, removed the tu...
  • Guest - james

    hello, maybe you can help? my city has just completed a fountain project for our new $47 million dollar public park. when filled with water it leaks through the joints of the overlapping "pods" or trays of concrete. the construction firm has sealed, jackhammered and eventually removed and replac...
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Forms and Figures

By Randy Beard

12-5 beard essential art--smallAs watershape design expands beyond the mostly recreational traditions of the recent past, more of us are being asked these days to design water elements that work more decoratively and serve to frame, reflect and otherwise accentuate or

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Amazing Bridge Fountain in Seoul

VideoGalleylogoFrom Wikipedia: "The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is the world's longest bridge fountain...1,140 meters [1,247 yards] long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute." Wikipedia also reports that the

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Fountain Makes Magic in Moscow

CrystalFountainsMoscowToronto-based Crystal Fountains has designed a dramatic, multifunctional waterfeature for White Square Office Center, a major new commercial development in Moscow. The company describes

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