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Smart Tips for Safe Hot Tub Use
A doctor sorts out both the benefits and risks
A Mom’s Guide to Treating Swimmer’s Ear 
And once it’s cured, prevention is the best strategy
Your Health Depends on Pool Water’s Health
Proper maintenance, chemical awareness are crucial
Hot Tubs Support Pain Relief Strategies
Forum tracks patients’ positive results in warm water
Water Workouts Help Hearts, Burn Calories
New study shows clear benefits of aquatic exercise
Timeless Tips for Safe Fun in the Pool
It all starts with being able to float, says one expert
Aquatic Exercise Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy
Building balance skills with regular swimming pool workouts
Latin Dance Craze Takes a Dip in the Pool
Aqua Zumba is turning workouts into parties
Counting the Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy
It only starts with relief from low back or neck pain
Don’t Let Swimmer’s Ear Get You Down
A few simple tips will help you stay in the pool
Tips on Overcoming Common Swimming Mistakes
A lifeguard’s guide to 10 errors we all can (and should) avoid
Swim Teacher Focuses on the Needs of Poor Kids
Launched ‘Really Awesome People Swimming’ program in 2007
Army Medical Center Highlights Aquatic Therapy
Fort Bliss puts its pool to use for soldiers’ fun and fitness
Summertime Tips for Safety Around Pools
A quick guide for pool-loving kids of all ages 
Swimming Pools Are for More than Keeping Cool 
Exercising in the water is a great hot-weather workout 
Aquatic Safety is Important for Pooches, Too
An expert’s guide to making dogs comfortable in water 
After Surgery, It's Time for a Dip in the Pool
Aquatic environment speeds post-procedure rehab
Burning Away Calories with Fun in the Pool
Aquatic exercise is about more than a cooling dip
CPSC offers a list of key pool-safety tips
You start by staying close and being alert – but there’s more
Can a Hot Tub Be Your Perfect Investment?
Yes it can, if you consider the health and well-being factors
Answering Some Common Pool-Related Health Questions
A doctor’s views on swimmer’s ear, cramps and more
Inserting a grab bar near water level helps small kids
Learning Safety Lessons from Pool Lifeguards
Quick tips will help everyone safely enjoy themselves in the water
When the Weather Gets Hot, Exercise in the Pool
Water fitness routines hailed as a cooler workout option
Using a Swimming Pool for Post-Pregnancy Workouts
Burning calories and gaining strength to get back into shape
Defining the Value of Aquatic Workouts
Radio interview lets an expert share his perspective

Protecting Your Pooches from Swimmer's Ear
Many dogs love the water, so you need to watch for problems  

Water workouts are great for almost everyone, expert says

Experts cite adult supervision as an absolute must

A few precautions will lead to months of healthy fun

Expert cites the healthy benefits for people of all ages

It’s a great way to cool them off, but some caution is required

Buoyancy reduces stress on joints, increases range of motion

Nothing makes him happier than being in warm water

And does it without overtaxing the body  

Study at Johns Hopkins University has the answer for you

Aquatic exercise helps participants in numerous ways

Iowa program tailors activities to patients’ specific needs

Keep kids going strong for fun in the backyard pool

‘Swim for Life’ teaches thousands of second-grade students

Natural cleaners may be the solution to your problem

Tips intended to give you a competitive edge in the water

Breaking the common pattern of inactivity is the key

Site details the advantages of exercising in a pool

Knowing a bit about what might be in the water helps

The originator cites the benefits of taking it easy in a spa

Those with osteoporosis benefit from pool-based workouts

Pool-based fitness program borrows from dry-land workouts

Former lifeguard offers commonsense tips to kids and adults

Scales tip strongly in favor of water-based activity

Benefits in four key areas highlighted in brief report

Allows patients to move easily and without pain  

May lead to ingestion of harmful chlorine byproducts

‘Step into Swim’ campaign targets kids, adults and minorities

Is water aerobics all that different from water exercise?

Survey says 20% of Americans contentedly pee in these pools

Tub maker cites the benefits of a good sweat

Buoyancy in water makes aquatic workouts particularly helpful

A basic survival skill described as a must, not a luxury

And it’s a way to beat the intense summertime heat

Compact aquatic alternatives for active homeowners

Blog suggests adding it to a well-rounded fitness routine

Adults are at risk along with kids, say the experts

Recommended programs include time in the pool

A how-to guide to using the benefits of water’s resistance

Aquatic exercise a key as you get older

Educational signage highlights hazards and remedies

Tips on avoiding the discomfort of 'swimmer's ear'
Utah campaign has cut down on crypto outbreaks
Veteran Olympic swimmer touts her workout's benefits
Officials share some reasons to avoid swallowing the water
Who knew so much fun could be so good for you?
Role in healthy aging defined by fitness expert
There are some hazards beyond the water you might not anticipate
New study traces the benefits of pool-based routines
Water's unique qualities make for a long list of benefits
Running isn't for everyone -- and the buoyancy doesn't hurt, either
Minority children seen as being at greater risk
Apparently, it's leading some homeowners to disable the systems
Balance skills learned in the pool can keep adults safe on land 
Programs designed for kids from six months to six years of age
A look at what's available to supplement direct supervision
New study shows positive effect on workout performance
When it's time to have children, avoiding long soaks a good idea
Basic survival skills can be taught at a vary early age
Proper maintenance is the key to a safe swimming experience
It takes watchfulness in addition to other layers of protection
Time in the pool provides low-impact resistance exercise
Different strokes for different folks, but sacrificing a chicken?
Injured or not, running in a swimming pool is good for you
Relaxing in a spa can help those at risk stay healthy
Untended watershapes can be breeding grounds for pests
If left alone, they can become vectors for a range of problems
Learning the lessons can lead to life-or-death skills
Experts credit buoyancy with making many therapies possible
Nobody's too young or old to benefit from swimming or water workouts
Aquatic training should be part of a well-rounded program 
Swimming pools, trampolines and more need safe enclosures
Swimming pools offer the right environment for safe workouts
New guidelines recommend aquatic therapy and other options
Aquatic exercise touted for fitness and more
Finds success with kids with various issues and limitations
Simply walking in water begins to deliver benefits
Summer is prime time for exercise in water
Teaching awareness of danger signs is the key
There's a clear connection, especially among older swimmers
Young man swims every day, is a Special Olympics champion
The positive answer comes as no surprise
News reporter examines why we love the water in Swim
Advice that makes sense before and after good workouts
Instructor says 'It's not just for ladies in swimming caps anymore'
Training in the pool leads to enhanced performance on terra firma
Taking advantage of the simple pleasure of being around flowing water
All it takes is an old pair of glasses and some special glue
Aquatic exercise helps humans cope with arthritis -- horses, too
Making kids safe around the water is the laudable goal
National program focuses on learning to swim and healthy aquatic activities
Dogs stay lean and healthy with regular dips in the pool 
A new study traces the benefits of pool workouts
Building up your time in the pool takes planning, patience
Arizona school prepares kids for pool emergencies
Learning to Swim is the Key to Enjoying the Water 
Cardiac patients and others enjoy benefits of water workouts
Buoyant, gentle training of affected joints is the key
Definitely yes, and in a whole bunch of ways
A new Florida program helps children be safe around pools
A health advocate's pitch for getting into pools
Swimming, running, walking and other exercise routines are all popular   
Introducing kids to a safe, healthy, lifelong love of swimming 
Time in the swimming pool helps community members recover
Five steps to a more efficient aquatic workout
Blinded in Afghanistan, he takes comfort in a calm aquatic haven
A quick list of ideas for getting fit in a swimming pool
Cullen Jones does what he can to get kids safely into swimming pools
Everything in the water from cardiovascular support to strength-building
Structured workouts in a swimming pool are the key to relief
A Latin dance inspires Zumba -- and gets pool users moving for aquatic fitness
The positive life lessons don't stop at the pool water's edge
Accommodating different swimming-skill levels is the key
If you need them, here are three good ones -- and some safety tips
Easing aches and pains becomes a family business
A guide to relieving chronic pain with water workouts
Five tips to improve your safety around swimming pools
Experiencing the Ai-Chi aquatic workout
The physically disabled are at the heart of the pool's fitness programs
Research aims at helping the elderly stay balanced on their feet
Want a vigorous way to trim away your belly fat?
A look at the benefits of cold-water swimming
New research shows the health benefits of swimming as exercise
Is there any better reason to teach kids how to swim early on?
An expert's guide to making small work of long-distance swimming  


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