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2016/6.1, June 8 -- Moving-Water Dynamics, Pond Detour, Indoor Pool Air and more

        June 8, 2016                                                                                                                              www.watershapes.com
Active Water  

When agitated or flowing water moves through the air, it loses carbon dioxide.  That's particularly significant in systems with fountain jets, waterfalls or vanishing edges, observes Kim Skinner, with the loss affecting pH in ways that must be dealt with to avoid big problems.    [more]

A Fresh Start

The seasonal cleaning of a pond is a big undertaking, concedes Eric Triplett.  But as he discusses in wrapping up his five-part video series on the subject, it's also a golden opportunity to size up the situation and inject new life into the ecosystem -- in this case, literally.   [more]

The Humidity Factor
Indoor pools are wonderful as both design challenges and family recreation centers.  But as Paolo Benedetti discusses here, they'll stand the test of time only if you take care of moving the moisture they generate away from the indoor space -- no shortcuts allowed!   [more]

Restoring a Classic    

Two years after starting work on this historic site, Jason Fragomeni looked back with pride at what he and his staff at Fragomeni Design Group had accomplished.  Along that pathway to success, however, he ran into twists and turns that often had him wondering whether the project, which originated with the supposedly straightforward restoration of a 1920s-vintage swimming pool, would ever work out the way he and the homeowners hoped it would.          
This article, originally published in WaterShapes in January 2008, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.
Sailing Grace

Challenged to develop a fountain and sculpture that would make a strong statement about a company's technological prowess, Michael Batchelor and Andrey Bererzowsky delivered a work of rare beauty -- one that's well worth a visit to the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield, Ohio.   [more]
What's Up with the News?

Failed inspections?  DNA mutations?  The news about conditions at public aquatic facilities hasn't been so good lately.  But Jim McCloskey takes the long view and, as he relates here, doesn't see anything that will interfere with his personal dedication to summer fun.   [more]

Startling Illusion Dept.:  French designer turns slabs of marble into a seductively swirling aquatic vision.   [more] 
It's the perfect ending for the artist's 'Liquid Marble' series. 
Brilliant Benefits Dept.:  Chicago woman with multiple sclerosis finds one place she can still dance.  [more]
Her severe disability vanishes once she enters the pool. 

Knowing Your Range                  
Back in 2006, David Tisherman tipped his cap to those who run broad-based businesses -- then dug into reasons he'd found value in taking another, more focused professional path.    [more] 
Vertex Upgrades Solar-Powered Aeration System      

Vertex Water Features (Pompano Beach, FL) has updated its BriteStar battery-free solar aerators with a new cooling system, updated electronics and a higher-output compressor that delivers 40 percent more oxygenating air to pond water.  For those who already have 24-volt systems in place, the compressor and diffusers are available separately.  For details, click here.
RenoSys Offers RecDeck for Safer Pool Decks 
RenoSys (Indianapolis, IN) offers RecDeck PVC flooring, an encapsulating system that waterproofs any deck area and makes it slip-resistant.  Consisting of a thick, reinforced-PVC membrane, the material addresses issues with surface cracking, flaking, delamination, spalling and peeling and has an anti-fungal formulation that makes it ideal for pool decks.  For details, click here.
the Leads


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