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2016/4.2, April 20 -- Extreme Acrylic, Dreamscape (with Moat), Urban Attraction and more

        April 20, 2016                                                                                                  www.watershapes.com

Panel Discussion  

When the owner of this spec house wanted something truly unique out back, the design prepared by Brian Van Bower met the mark on all levels, complementing an elongated waterfront home with a jewel of a pool that stands out from every perspective, near and far.   [more]

A Watery Domain
It may have the look of a genuine French castle, writes Steve Sandalis, but the moat, pond and waterfall he installed here all belong to a California property -- and to owners who wanted to be involved in every aspect of the planting, from selection to details of placement.   [more]
A San Francisco Treat

San Francisco is a constantly unfolding delight for visitors, observes Jim McCloskey, so much so that it helps to narrow your exploratory focus -- in his case to water.  That's how he came across this splendid MLK memorial fountain downtown, right next to Moscone Center.    [more]

Forming Flows                  

When observed as it exists in nature, notes Sven Schunemann, water's various forms and rhythms can be captured and reproduced by watershapers.  He and other Flowforms sculptors have raised that bar, however, digging deep into water's physical dynamics and developing precise, specialized water/sculpture systems that are visually intriguing -- and also lay claim to being a form of treatment that naturally enhances water's capacity to nourish.      
This article, originally published in WaterShapes in November 2009, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.

The Hazards of Water Migration

Water moving from one level to another undoubtedly adds interest to waterfeatures, but it also can damage stone used in waterline applications.  Here, Scott Cohen looks at the phenomenon of spillway turbulence and suggests ways to avoid the problems it can cause.   [more]
Forward Progress

A procrastinator in some minor ways, Jim McCloskey has taken his time in getting around to a couple of household projects that have been on his agenda for years.  He has abundant excuses for the delays, of course, but the time has finally come to get a few of them done.  [more]

Backyard Classroom Dept.:  Dad demonstrates basic hydrodynamics in his family's aboveground pool.  [more]
It's an unusual lesson, but the fun just can't be beat.


Stating the Obvious Dept.:  News item highlights five reasons swimming is the all-time best exercise.   [more] 
And it's not all that hard to think of at least a dozen more!     

Super Vision               
David Tisherman is the archetypal 'stickler for details,' a characteristic he demonstrated back in April 2001 while arguing in favor of what he perceives as an all-encompassing construction-site need.     [more]
Updated Wireless Handheld Remote from Hayward    

Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has unveiled AquaPod 2.0, a wireless, handheld remote that now features a 4.3-inch touchscreen interface and an over-molded sealed design.  Waterproof and rechargeable, the units offer intuitive control of pools, spas and other outdoor features from inside the home, out in the backyard or even in the water.  For details, click here.
HaddonStone Manufactures Triple-Ball Fountain     
HaddonStone (USA) Ltd. (Pueblo, CO) makes a triple-ball fountain for gardens and landscapes.  With its contemporary styling, the cast-stone system is available five colors (Portland, Bath, terracotta, slate and coade) and comes as a kit that includes a pump, plumbing fixtures and a basin pool.  (The glass beads are not supplied.)  For details, click here.
Setting the
Stage for Growth


If there's one thing we've all learned in the past 20-odd years, it's that the decision to purchase a watershape of any kind is a process that takes years from initial idea to installation.  That's why a web forum like the WaterShapes Professional Network is so important:  It give homeowners and decision-makers an easy, anonymous way to gather information and, eventually, reach out and make contact with professionals whose work they admire.   Click here to check it out -- and get ready for your future!
The Network is growing:  Time to climb aboard?
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