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2016/4.1, April 6 -- Readable Water, Pond-Plant Shake-Ups, Cost-Cut Guidance and more

        April 6, 2016                                                                                                                 www.watershapes.com

Painting in Water  

When Stephen Pevnick flips the switch to animate one of his amazing installations, the ability of water to communicate moves from the abstract to the literal in a hurry.  Here's a look at how one of these displays helped a company set the tone for a key inspirational event.  [more]

Plant Practicalities
Knowing that aquatic plants are the heart and soul of a watergarden's visual appeal, Eric Triplett always takes the time during annual maintenance chores to size up the current look and, as he discusses in this video, do what he can to keep things familiar -- but fresh as well.    [more]
Keys to Cost Reduction

With any aquatic facility more than a few years old, it's easy to assist the owners and operators in finding ways to save money.  All it takes is some inside knowledge of current expense factors, writes Mike Fowler -- and a laptop computer set up with some very helpful software.   [more]

Making a Mountain Haven                 

For decades, landscape artist Martin Mosko has specialized in designing and installing highly customized watershapes and landscapes that harmonize with their environments.  In this project, the client asked him to create a high-altitude paradise that would make the most of its dramatic surroundings -- and Mosko responded with a pool, pond, stream and waterfall complex in which everything seems absolutely right at home.    
This article, originally published in WaterShapes in September 2008, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.
Urban Statements

Citygarden, a shimmering downtown park filled with art, dynamic spaces and an array of waterfeatures, is one of St. Louis' crown jewels.  It's a place Kerry Friedman of Hydro Dramatics urges you to visit the next time your travels take you to the Gateway to the West.   [more]

Is modern society moving forward in ways that will be favorable to the future of watershaping?  That's a question Jim McCloskey has discussed in several recent blogs -- and wraps up here by balancing genuine concern with a measured dose of his persistent optimism.  [more]

Perfect Child Dept.:  This five-year-old came to the rescue when her mother had a seizure in their pool.   [more] 
Any questions about the value of early swimming skills?    

Odd Fluidity Dept.:
  A music event in Orlando is to feature a seven-foot fountain flowing with Velveeta.   [more]
Details are lacking, but the photo alone says too much. 

Powers of Observation              
When she wrote her Natural Companions column in April 2006, Stephanie Rose entered the fray in a discussion deeply woven into the fabric of WaterShapes from its very first issue in 1999.   [more]
Basecrete USA Offers Waterproofing Materials   

Basecrete USA (Sarasota, FL) has developed an all-in-one cementitious waterproofing membrane and bondcoat.  Featuring high adhesive qualities, the material is a unique blend of polymers and specialized cement that remains flexible, so it withstands movement in the underlying concrete structure, particularly in suspended or rooftop pools and spas.  For details, click here.
Stone Forest Offers Large Wabi Basins     
Stone Forest (Santa Fe, NM) takes natural boulders, slices them in two, carves out a basin and then polishes the top surface to create a contrast with the weathered sides of the boulder -- a great companion to a bamboo water spout or, when drilled, a cool, bubbling fountain.  The basins are made of green granite and have widths ranging from 24 to 34 inches.  For details, click here.
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