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2016/7.1, July 13 -- Inspired Pondcraft, Rain Curtains, Racing the Clock and more

        July 13, 2016                                                                                                                     www.watershapes.com

Lofty Inspiration  

When a client approaches a designer with something very specific in mind, working out project parameters can be a chore.  But in this case, writes Steve Sandalis, the homeowner offered ideas for a backyard pondscape that were fully welcomed -- and inspiring indeed!    [more]

#24:  Rain Curtain

Homeowners love the water-droplet systems he designs and installs for them, says Mike Farley.  But as he advises while introducing this video, their satisfaction with these graceful waterfeatures will last only if he starts his work by keeping one major consideration in mind.   [more]


Against the Clock
Faced by a firm deadline and the realities of over-winter construction in Canada, Barry Justus knew he had little time to spare -- and a whole lot to accomplish in a few short months if he was to have any hope of completing a grand-scale project in time for a springtime party.   [more]

Simple Green     

There's a place in the world, says veteran watershaper Peter Cattano, for relatively modest swimming pools.  Using a recently completed 'garden pool' to illustrate that point, he describes how great clients, an integrated landscape design, professional cooperation and careful construction can come together to deliver the best of everything swimming pools have to offer, even in a situation where the project's scope and scale are quite down to earth.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in January 2010, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.

A Buccaneer's Brew

Known locally as 'Splash,' the La Mirada Regional Aquatics Facility is a model of creative watershaping and of a city's large-scale commitment.  As Patricia Soto describes it here, the facility is something you should plan on seeing next time you're in southern California.   [more]
The Power of a Pool

The emergence of 'river pools' as a means of addressing city-dwellers' impulse to swim in 'natural' surroundings has been on Jim McCloskey's radar for some time now.  He sees huge potential here -- and in this post defines an opportunity worth striking while the iron's hot.     [more]

Stupid Human Tricks Dept.:  Foolish gent dumps 30 pounds of dry ice in a pool to see what happens.   [more] 
Carbon dioxide fills the air -- and fouls the water chemistry. 
Frogs Gone Wild Dept.:  A horde of green tree frogs beats the heat by descending upon a Florida pool.  [more]
They look like a throng of thrill-seeking spring breakers.    

Hearing Voices                   
Back in July 2006, Brian Van Bower turned his thoughts toward what he described as a missing link in the way watershapers approached the marketplace -- and suggested doing something about it.   [more] 
Deck Art from Mountain Laurel Handrail    

Mountain Laurel Handrail (Franklin, NC) offers unique deck-railing systems made from real-wood frames filled with natural branches.  The materials work outdoors or inside and come in a variety of styles, starting out as red sticks whose color can be preserved with a penetrating, natural-color stain but that will, left alone, weather to a silvery color.  For details, click  here.
S.R. Smith Launches TX-30 Pool Lighting System  
S.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has introduced the TX-30 LED Pool Lighting Kit -- a complete lighting system that includes a low-voltage power center and one, two, or three Treo LED pool lights.  The lights feature six colors and operate in both fast and slow color-changing modes.  The system enclosure is made of corrosion-resistant polycarbonate.  For details, click here.
Extra -- and
Extra Special 
A quick review of the activity of visitors to the WaterShapes Professional Network indicates that the landing pages of each participating company have been viewed an average of 300 times through the past 12 months -- and that those landing-page visits have resulted in nearly 150 click-throughs apiece to those companies' own web sites.

It also shows that the companies that have uploaded project pictorials to the WPN site's home page have averaged nearly 30 percent more visits and click-throughs compared to other WPN participants.  Seems as though putting in a little extra effort translates to a heap of extra interest and leads. 

The Network is working just the way we'd hoped:  Time to click aboard?
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