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2015/12.2, December 16 -- Holiday Fun, Brilliant Mirrors, Old-School Decking and more

        December 16, 2015                                                                                          www.watershapes.com

Santa's Back!                                       

Five years after his first amazing WaterShapes interview, Santa Claus reached out to our staff once again, saying he had another sled's worth of encouraging words to offer the hard-working, creative, innovative watershapers he's been watching the world over.   [more]

#21:  Exposed-Aggregate Decking

It's an old-school material and 'retro' look these days, but Mike Farley keeps coming across applications in which using exposed-aggregate decking is the ideal solution.  In the case of the project covered in this video, it didn't hurt that it was also the obvious solution.   [more]

A Supple Vision
While rambling through New York's Central Park many years ago, Jim McCloskey crossed paths with three fair maidens -- a wonderful fountain composition well worth seeing for yourself the next time work or pleasure carries you near the heart of the Big Apple.    [more]

A Clear, Clean Public Service          

The structures and grounds at the Cross Valley Water District's headquarters in Clearview, Wash., stand as a prime example of how a public facility can send important messages to the community about responsible environmental stewardship.  According to landscape architect Sandra Hasegawa Ingalls, the project's watershape is a key element in a broad program that makes this facility what she hopes is a model for others to come.  

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in January 2003, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.
Graceful Reflections

Water's reflective nature is a part of watershaping that is all too often left to chance, observes Anthony Archer Wills.  But when considered from the outset of a project, the brilliance and subtlety of a reflection is something he says you can use to delight and fascinate your clients.   [more]
Three Year-End Smiles

Wrapping up the old year in style, Jim McCloskey reviews three news items that caught his eye recently -- and speculates about how wonderful it would be if these and other stories persuaded all of us recognize some deeper values watershapes can bring to our lives.  [more]

Where There's a Will Dept.:  Canadian quartet crafts a floating hot tub -- complete with a pig roaster.  [more]
Now they seek a Guinness record for hot tub sailing.


Self-Motivation Dept.:  Intrepid 'snow swimmer' may inspire a whole new field of sporting endeavor.   [more] 
One hopes the Olympics will see the merits of his 'event.'       

Choosing Wisely          
In the December 2010 issue of WaterShapes, Bruce Zaretsky devoted his On the Level column to defining how he keeps up with changes that seem to be an inevitable part of one key area of his business.   [more] 
New Viron P300 Variable-Speed Pump from AstralPool 

AstralPool (Jacksonville, FL) produces the Viron P300 variable-speed pump.  Featuring a housing that offers near-silent operation and a permanent-magnet, brushless DC motor designed to decrease operating costs, the pump adapts to the task at hand while reducing wear and tear on filters, heaters, chlorinators and other system components.  For details, click here.
DeltaUV Unveils E-Series Ultraviolet Systems  
Delta UV (Gardena, CA) has released its E-Series of low-pressure, high-output ultraviolet systems for water disinfection.  Featuring Clean Light Technology, the easy-to-install units come with either stainless steel or PVC housings; have lamps that last up to 16,000 hours; and are available in five sizes for flow rates from 31 to 110 gallons per minute.  For details, click  here.   
New Features
Coming in 2016
The WaterShapes Professional Network team has been busy preparing two key features for the New Year:  Starting in January, WPN members will be able to list awards and professional affiliations as part of their landing pages.  By March, we'll be ready to accommodate biographical information on each company's key personnel -- a major credibility- and trust-building opportunity in reaching out to consumers.

The Network is growing:  Shouldn't you be climbing aboard?

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