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        December 3, 2014                                                                                                               




Burying Masterpieces                        

With watershapes, observes Jim Wilder, the beauty often often runs much more than skin deep.  To illustrate, he discusses twin works of the plumber's art -- with, by his calculation, more than 750 glue joints each -- that he knew would ultimately be hidden within tons of concrete.  [more]

Ecosystem Design
If a pond is to be an ideal haven for frogs, there's no more important part of the installation process than plant selection.  But while you're focused on the needs of tadpoles and mature frogs, says Eric Triplett, you also want to make the watershape look great as well.  [more]
Spa Strategies

Spas and swimming pools are obvious and frequent companions, notes Lew Akins.  As he discusses in this video, there are two key factors for clients to consider in adding a spa to a pool -- plus an even bigger issue that watershapers need to manage with all due care.  [more]

Restoring Waters Past                  

The restoration of historic swimming pools is one of the most specialized of all watershaping activities, observes engineer and commercial pool designer William N. Rowley.  It's work that requires patience and technical prowess in addition to sensitivity to an old pools' special needs -- a process this veteran of several such projects defines through the ongoing story of the restoration of a southern California pool with a fabulous pedigree.


This article, originally published in June 2006, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.
Where the Bison Swim

Collegiate athletic centers are increasingly important to students' lifestyles, report Edwin M. Wallover III and
William R. B. McCullough.  The trend calls for design flexibility -- and resulted in this instance in a spectacular aquatic center you can visit at Bucknell University.    [more] 
Channeling Insights

A few weeks back, Jim McCloskey heard from a past contributor to WaterShapes who had a cool idea -- and the result, he writes, will ultimately be a book for professionals and skillful do-it-yourselfers who need solid information on the design and installation of fountains.   [more]

Training for London 2012 . . .
'Touch the Wall':  Missy Franklin, Kara Lynn Joyce Swim on Film

Designing a New Paradigm (Part 1)                  
15 years ago, five education-oriented watershapers representing both the pool and landscape trades sat down to share their views on an emerging 'philosophy of design.'  Here's one key part of their discussion.  [more]



Poolstones by Sofikitis Releases 2014-15 Catalog


Poolstones by Sofikitis (Monterey, CA) has published a catalog covering its current collection of stone copings, drain grates and paving materials.  Available in print and digital formats, the 96-page, full-color volume includes photos and detailed specifications for using the company's products in designing and building residential or commercial watershapes.  For details, click here.   

S.R. Smith Launches the iStar Lighting System Controller


S.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has introduced the iStar controller to give users advanced color control and dimming options with the company's Treo or Color Light Stream products.  Designed for use with a water-resistant remote or with a smart phone, the device can operate up to 10 lighting units and comes programmed with six color options and two color shows.  For details, click here.


In Hot Water:  High School Teacher
Drags Screaming Student into Pool               

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late -- including  reports connected to the three questions below.

1.  Web site reports that a Stockton, Calif., male physical-education teacher is in hot water after he dragged a kicking and screaming 14-year-old female student into the school swimming pool -- a disturbing incident that was captured on video.  Why did the girl not want to get into the pool?

          a. She suffers from a severe allergy to chlorine.
          b. Her religious beliefs do not allow mixed-gender swimming.
          c. She has a long history of being a troublemaker in school.
          d. She'd had her hair done for a big event later in the day.  

2.  Even though more than 600 days remain until the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, two countries have already expressed displeasure over the scheduled 10 p.m. start of evening swimming finals.  One of the countries contends the hour was pushed back to accommodate the television audience in the U.S.  Which two countries are unhappy with the schedule?

          a. France and Italy                                             b. Australia and New Zealand  
          c. Russia and China                                        d. South Africa and Nigeria.

3.  In early October, thieves made off with a $25,000, 16-by-8-foot swim spa from a dealership in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  According to, the crime has yet to be solved.  What two pieces of equipment did the thieves reportedly use in their brazen caper?

          a. Forklift and trailer                                          b. Crane and trailer
          c. Bulldozer and trailer                                     d. None of the above.

To find out how many you got right, click here.


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