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        June 25, 2014                                                                                                                                                               




Sculpted for Fun             

It's easy for watershapers to get wrapped up in the beauty and creativity involved in design and construction of their projects -- and he's no exception, says fabricated-rock specialist Richard Winget.  But that doesn't mean swimming pools can't be fun.  That in mind, he takes us on a survey of user-friendly rock features that make his pools work for the young and young at heart while getting high marks for their remarkably 'natural' looks.

This article, originally published in June 2001, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Straight and Narrow
When he's confronted by an access challenge, says Randy Beard, he draws on lots of experience in developing ways to get around and through obstacles -- including, as this video shows, transforming a stairway into a ramp, even if it's hemmed in by some ultra-tight clearances.   [more]
An Odd One

Sometimes a quirky fountain can be great fun, writes Jim McCloskey, but other times the experience is, well, not quite so satisfying.  Here's one from the latter classification he came across on a cool, blustery day in Portland, Ore., not too long ago.  [more] 
Eastern Eclectic       

More than five years in the making, the project profiled here pushed the design team to its creative limits.  The result, says Ben Dozier, is a set of garden rooms that use French and Asian details along with statuary, fine hardscape treatments -- and, appropriately, lots of water.    [more]  

Springing Back

Watershapes have been in the news lately -- and they aren't always being shown in the best light.  Jim McCloskey sees it as little more than seasonal muckraking -- and maybe a necessary evil -- so he's moving right along to the usual summer fun, starting off with great movie clips!   [more]

Stephen Colbert Asks 'Why?!'
Jacksonville Jaguars Build
Swimming Pools in Stands

Now You See It       

Inspiration is where you find it -- even with humble drain covers, wrote David Tisherman back in June 2004.  That's why he's so motivated to get out and see what others have done with his own eyes.  [more]
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Hayward Releases the SwimClear Cartridge Filter
Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) announces the introduction of the SwimClear C7030 cartridge pool filter.  Encompassing 700 square feet of effective filtration area, the large, efficient units feature heavy dirt-holding capacity, allowing for extra-long cycles between cleanings and thereby minimizing water consumed in backwashing.  For details, click here.
Delta Ultraviolet Brings the EP Series to Ponds
Delta Ultraviolet (Gardena, CA) has introduced its EP Series for fish ponds - particularly those that host koi.  Made from mirror-polished 316L stainless steel, the units offer long lamp life, dedicated electronic ballasts for maximum lamp efficiency and control and a sealing system designed for easy lamp changes and quick cleaning.  For details, click here.   
One Country's Swimmers Risk Being
Banned from International Competitions

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late -- including a report connected to the three questions below.

   All competitive swimmers from one country are at risk for being excluded from international swimming events due to four positive tests for banned substances since the 2012 London Olympics -- this according to the country's sports minister, as quoted on What country?

          a. Russia                         b. Ukraine                  c. Albania                     d. Serbia.

2.  A license to repair a leaking roof over a Welsh public swimming pool was recently rescinded, allegedly to protect living creatures spotted at the facility. Unfortunately, the grant to make the repairs stipulates that the project must be completed by the end of June, so local swimmers may be out of luck. According to, what creatures are being protected?

          a. Pigeons                        b. Bats                       c. Eagles                      d. Hornets.

3.  What, says a report on, inspired the design of a new, tiny, swimming robot?

          a. Newborn guppies       b. Eel embryos        c. Human sperm         d. Frog larvae.

To find out how many you got right, click here.


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