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       January 22, 2014                                                                                                                                                           




A Master at Work  

When it comes to identifying those who've shaped his life and work, acclaimed landscape architect Raymond Jungles doesn't hesitate in naming Brazilian designer Roberto Burle Marx as a singularly profound influence.  Famous for bold arrangements of plant materials and architectural forms, Burle Marx's gardens are among the world's most celebrated and studied -- a legacy Jungles describes here as a close friend and student of the master. 

This article, originally published in October 2007, has been digitized for all readers.  Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.

Caribbean Outpost -- North

When clients in New York asked Bruce Zaretsky
to create a tropical paradise in their Frost Belt backyard, he hesitated for a bit -- then pulled out all the stops and presented them with a subtly themed poolscape that met their hearts' desires.  [more]


Cascading Exertion

Building waterfalls for ponds may have fun results, but as Eric Triplett demonstrates in this sequence of four detailed videos, it's also hard, painstaking work that requires patience, persistence -- and, as he and his crew can attest -- plenty of brute strength.  [more]  


Hard Choices

Early in 2004, Stephanie Rose wrote passionately about the effective use of rocks in landscapes and gardens.  Click here to see why she assigned such importance to these materials.

Digging the Quarry

The watershapes and landscapes at Quarry Golf Club at La Quinta, Calif., are points of great pride for golf-course designer Ken Alperstein.  Here, he describes what went into the waterfalls, streams, ponds, rockwork and plantings that lend the setting such powerful charms.   [more]

Getting in Step

Running across a new type of watershape is unusual for  Jim McCloskey after all these years of studying them in detail.  That's why he wanted to pack his bags and head to India when he saw a video about a truly unique solution to providing access to well water.  [more]

From Va-Va-Voom to Human Prune? 
Sari-Clad Indian TV Actress in
Pool Six Hours for Videotaping

Back and Forth


The tasks involved in compiling WaterShapes EXTRA bring smiles to Jim McCloskey's face:  Not only does he get to spend time with the fabulous archives of the printed magazine, but he also gets to work with fresh content -- and make all of it more accessible than ever before.  [more]
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Russion Olympic-Medalist
Swimmer Fails Doping Test

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late - including reports connected to the three questions below.


1.  According to, Yulia Efimova, a Russian Olympic swimmer who garnered a bronze medal at the London Games, has failed a doping test.  The report states: "The 21-year-old would be the  ________  Russian swimmer to have tested positive for a banned substance since the 2012 London Olympics...."  Fill in the blank.

          a. Second                           b. Third                            c. Fourth                          d. Fifth

2.  The Web site (we're leaving out the rest of the URL because it would give away the answer) reports that a homeowner was seriously injured when he put stabilized chlorine granules into a bucket, added water and stirred -- rather than pouring the chlorine directly into the pool.  After 30 seconds, the mixture exploded; the homeowner was rushed to the hospital and survived. Where did this mishap take place?

          a. New Zealand                b. Australia                     c. Ireland                          d. Canada

3.  A article about champion cliff diver Orlando Duque -- who hails from Colombia and is known as "The Duke" -- says divers who leap off a 27-meter-high platform can reach up to what speed on the way down?

          a. 35 kph (21.7 mph)       b. 55 kph (34.1 mph)    c. 75 kph (46.6 mph)    d. 85 kph (52.8 mph)

To find out how many you got right, click here.


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