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Awakening a Dream         

Certainly one of the world's most unusual watershaping achievements, 'Le Reve' is a Las Vegas-style aquatic production that carries audiences into an amazing dream world of water, light, music and incredible acrobatic skill.  To achieve the water effects, former Cirque du Soleil producer Franco Dragone turned to Aviram Müller and Canada's Kaarajal Design Aquatique -- and the result is a marriage of watershaping art and technology unlike any other.

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Rocking Good Times

Setting up a naturalistic pond's waterfall is painstaking work, says Eric Triplett -- especially if you're focused on creating convincing results.  In this pair of videos, he shares and discusses his own approach to what he describes as a thoroughly improvised dance.  [more]

Timeless Impressions
Most people know Maya Lin for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but watershapers should get out and see more of her work, notes William Hobbs, whose company has long helped produce water effects for the famous artist as she explores the mysteries of time and nature.  [more]

Giant Steps

In his latest blog, Jim McCloskey announces two great features now offered at -- one that will make the site much easier to navigate, the other completely altering the way we work with the images that accompany our feature articles.  Very cool stuff.  [more]

Ponds on the Level, Part 3

There are several fine options when it comes to auto-fill systems for pond applications, writes Hollye G. Merton in the third and concluding part of her series on this technology.   Here's a look at how you compare them and make the right choice for the pond at hand.  [more] 

Valve Values

Valves are so familiar a part of watershapes that it's easy to take them for granted.  But that's unwise, notes Steve Gutai, who knows that the efficiency and serviceability of many installations would be improved if designers and builders took fuller advantage of their valve options.  [more]
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After Their Fishing Boat Sank . . .       
Two American Tourists Forced to
Swim 12 to 14 Hours to Survive


Considering Small Spaces

While every landscape professional hopes for big projects, clients' yards are often small -- a fact, Stephanie Rose noted in her May 2003 column, that calls on professionals to step up in all sorts of specific ways.  [more]
Security Breach: Goldfish Found
Swimming at U.S. Nuclear Reactor


Many water-related stories have been in the news of late - including reports connected to the three questions below.

1. Operators of a U.S. nuclear power plant were dismayed to discover a pair of goldfish swimming in an underground steam tunnel at the facility's reactor - not considered a good sign for security at the installation, since the goldfish probably did not get there on their own. Where is the plant?

          a. Avila Beach, Calif.        b. Wintersburg, Ariz.        c. Marseilles, Ill.        d. Perry, Ohio

2. A public swimming pool in Blue Earth, Minn., is employing a high-tech method to identify people who are eligible to use the facility. What is the method?

          a. Eye scan                        b. Finger scan                  c. Voice analysis       d. Hair analysis.   

3. The website has identified what it considers to be "The best five pools of the globe" - all of which are at hotels. The first four are in Switzerland, Singapore, China and France. Where is the fifth?

          a. Thailand                         b. UK                                  c. USA                         d. Singapore.  

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