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       April 10, 2013                                                                                                                                                           




A Crowning Achievement        

The Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park is an ingenious fusion of artistic vision and high-tech water effects in which sculptor Juame Plensa' s creative concepts were brought to life by an interdisciplinary team that included  the waterfeature designers at Crystal Fountains.  Here, Larry O'Hearn describes how the firm met the challenge and helped give Chicago's residents a defining landmark in glass, light, water and bright faces.   

This article, originally published in April 2005, has been digitized for all readers.  Once you click 'more' on the next screen, you can zoom in on images to study the craftsmanship in detail.    [click here to continue]


Pond Chores

When a backyard boasts a pond, says Mike Gannon, it comes with certain responsibilities -- including the need to roll up your sleeves each spring and jump in as deep as may be required to clear away the muck and prepare the watershape for a healthy, productive year.  [more] 

Jet Setting
Whether a spa is concrete or portable, sound hydraulics are required if the jets are to give clients the massaging action they crave.  But watershapers who work in concrete are at a disadvantage, observes Steve Gutai, and must step up if their spas are to compare favorably.  [more]

Ponds on the Level, Part 2

Keeping water at the right level is important in any pond.  Here, in the second of three articles on getting this key job done automatically, Hollye G. Merton compares available technologies and sizes up their value in maintaining healthy watergardens.  [more]
Suitable Tributes

A bulletin about Lawrence Halprin's four Portland, Ore., fountains being added to the National Register of Historic places leads Jim McCloskey to suggest that other significant watershapes might benefit from campaigns aimed at achieving this sort of recognition.  [more]
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Shocking April 1 Report!      
Penn. High Schools Schedule
Swim Meet in Fracking Liquid

A Recipe for Jambalaya

Once the site of a sewage plant, Jambalaya Park in Gonzalez, La., testifies to just how ambitious a renovation project can be.  As Les Ewen reports, the first attempt at installing a fountain and Koi pond failed, at which point he and his staff put the city's plans back on track.  [more] 


Identifying the Issue

Back in April 2008, water architect/university instructor Mark Holden noted that watershapes are underrepresented on the curriculum for future landscape architects.  Click here to see why that's a problem. 
Prominent Television Journalist
Swims with African Crocodiles

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late -- including reports connected to the three questions below.


1.  What nationally known television journalist recently went scuba diving with deadly Nile crocodiles in the African nation of Botswana -- an extremely dangerous exploit captured on video for the CBS news program "60 Minutes"? 
          a. Bob Simon              b. Lesley Stahl            c. Anderson Cooper        d. Scott Pelley.
2.  Boxer Boban Simic follows an unusual regimen: He swims in the ice-cold water of one of the Great Lakes during the winter months, while wearing only a Speedo and swim cap. His winter swimming sessions have spurred a number of 911 calls from concerned citizens, and the emergency personnel who've shown up to "rescue him" have not been amused. Which Great Lake is Simic's icy swimming venue?

          a. Lake Michigan        b. Lake Ontario           c. Lake Erie                       d. Lake Huron.  

3. Barbra Peck of Forest Grove, Ore. -- whose love of being in the water dates back many decades -- has continued swimming and performing water exercises at quite an advanced age. How old is she?

          a. 98                              b. 100                           c. 102                                 d. 104.   

To find out how many you got right, click here.