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Mastering the Greens   

Creating watershapes and landscapes that are natural in appearance is always a challenge, says Ken Alperstein of Pinnacle Design, a firm that specializes in high-end projects related to top-flight golf courses.  For this project in Shady Canyon, however, the ante was upped considerably by the site's location in an environmentally sensitive coastal canyon in southern California -- a design challenge intensified by regulatory scrutiny every step of the way.
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Valuing Ponds
Even a small backyard pond plays a role as part of a greater regional ecology, notes Ed Beaulieu.  That makes it easy to take pride in a personal watergarden -- and to see the importance of taking care of it for the benefit of plants, fish, frogs, birds and other creatures.  [more]

#3:  Finger Ledge

Modern pools and spas come complete with a range of safety features, observes Mike Farley.  In some cases, their function is obvious; in others, however, they're subtle enough to need a bit of explaining -- as he demonstrates a brief, informative video.  [more]  


Cooling the Flock

Boston's First Church of Christ, Scientist, is widely known for its original design, but its appeal also has to do with the spontaneous child's play that has developed through the years courtesy of a deck-level fountain devised by landscape architects John Copley and Lynn Wolff[more]
Lessons All Around

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has developed another great program, observes Jim McCloskey -- this one with the American Red Cross.  The idea, he writes, is one that enables pool and spa designers and builders to perform an affordable good deed for their clients.  [more]
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After He Dove In . . .   
Louie Anderson Rescued
From Reality Series Pool

World's Fountain

No tourist's visit to Seattle is complete without stopping by to see the Space Needle, writes Jim McCloskey -- but that's mainly because right nearby you'll find the sublime International Fountain, now considerably updated and much improved since its 1962 debut.   [more] 


On the Verge

Back in 2008, David Tisherman used his Details column to define a thoughtful, ambitious approach to pool coping and decking.  It offered a glimpse into his design process that has value to this day.   [more]
Czech Supermodel Eva Herzigova
Poses Nude in Pool for Ad Campaign

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late - including reports connected to the three questions below.

1. Czech superstar model Eva Herzigova has been photographed nude in a swimming pool for an ad campaign promoting shoe designer Brian Atwood's spring/summer collection. The photo-shoot reportedly was inspired by the late Marilyn Monroe's cavorting naked in a pool for a movie scene. Unfortunately,the 1962 film was never completed or released due to her untimely death. What movie was it?

          a. "Something's Got to Give"                          b. "Some Like It Hot"
          c. "The Prince and the Showgirl"                   d. "His Kind of Woman."
2. Officials at a public aquarium have fitted 27 different models of prosthetic flippers on a 227-pound loggerhead turtle - an endangered species - that was severely injured in a shark attack. Although the latest version was initially thought to be a success, it hasn't worked out either. Still, the aquarium's warm-hearted staff members vow to continue trying. Where is the aquarium?

          a. Acapulco, Mexico                                          b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
          c. Barcelona, Spain                                          d. Kobe, Japan.
3. Payton, a horse living in Terre Haute, Indiana, wandered away from her owner's home and fell into the frigid water of a neighbor's pool. Payton started to lose consciousness but eventually was rescued and is doing fine. What was likely a significant factor in the horse's mishap?

          a. Payton has severe arthritis.                        b. Payton is extremely old.
          c. Payton is blind.                                              d. Payton was spooked by a backfiring car.  
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