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SEPTEMBER 5,  2012

Mackenzie essential art


Integrated Views

A spectacular site is often the foundation for extraordinary watershapes and landscapes, observes Melanie Mackenzie – and that certainly proved to be the case with this project.  As seen here, she built upon elements suggested by the site and its surroundings to develop a fully integrated approach that ties the front and rear yards together in ways that delight the eye, cheer the spirit and encourage the contemplation of distant horizons.

This article, originally published in August 2007, has been digitized for all readers. To access the full text and images, click here. 



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When Ponds Leak

It's a simple fact:  Even the best-laid pond will sometimes spring a leak.  When that happens, writes Dave Kelly, it's time to proceed through the entire system from end to end to ensure that whatever repairs you make will really do the job.  [more]

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Navigating Our New Web Site 

Here's a quick tour to the features of the brand-new web site, including the pull-down toolbar as well as other new features found on the home page.  It's a new beginning  and the springboard to a great future!  [more]

9-5 video gallery


Blast from the Past

For generations, pool-industry marketers have looked for ways to reach out to consumers, says Vance Gillette.  That's why this old video caught his eye:  It may be grainy and faded, he writes, but its message is as current as today's news.  [more]

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A Full Plate

The early part of the year was filled with action on the education front, notes Jim McCloskey  and it seems that the seeds planted then will be bearing wonderful fruit in the form of three big events taking place this September and October.  [more]

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Congressman in Unholy Hot Water!

9-5 travelogue art


A Walk in the Park

San Diego's Balboa Park is a treasure  one made all the more special for watershapers, reports Jim McCloskey, through the presence of a great fountian and, even more so, a huge lily pond teeming with plants, fish and amazing stories.  [more]

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Chromatic Virtues

In September 2002, David Tisherman began his 'Details' columns with a simple declaration:  Color is amazing.  Was this news to you ten years ago?  [more]


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Swimmer Ruled Eligible to
Compete in Paralympics

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.

1.  At the 2012 Paralympics in London, swimmer Victoria Arlen initially was ruled ineligible to participate by the International Paralympic Committee because, according to a report on, “Arlen's impairment no longer fit a classification for competition.” That IPC decision was reversed on appeal, and the swimmer was deemed eligible. What country is Arlen representing? 

        a. Canada                   b.  United Kingdom    
        c.  United States        d.  Australia
2.  U.S. Paralympic swimmer Navy Lt. Brad Snyder is the world’s top blind swimmer in three freestyle distances (50-, 100- and 400-meters). How did he lose his eyesight? 
        a.  An explosion in Afghanistan            
        b.  An explosion in Iraq 
        c.  An accident on an aircraft carrier    
        d.  A training mishap in the U.S. 
3. According to Wikipedia, swimmers at the Paralympics “are classified according to the type and extent of their disability.” Which condition is not included in the list of physical disabilities for Paralympic swimmers? 
        a. Single or multiple limb loss    b.  Cerebral palsy 
        c.  Dwarfism                                    d.  Blindness 
To find out how many you got right, click here.