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SEPTEMBER 19,  2012

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A Classic Crescendo
For the best part of four years, landscape architect/contractor/ watershaper Mark Holden devoted much of his professional energy to the creation of magnificent settings for Cima del Mundo, a grand estate high in the hills of Montecito, Calif.  In two previous articles, he wrote about the nuts and bolts of the multi-phase project.  Here, he steps back and offers a pictorial celebration to mark its completion. 
This article, originally published in July/August 2002, has been digitized for all readers.  Once you click 'more' on the next screen, you can zoom in on images to study the craftsmanship in detail.   [continue]


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Pardon Our Dust!
In relaunching last month, we ran into a strange twist with email addresses and have learned that many of you did not receive our last two newsletters.  Please accept our apologies if you were among those we left out: Just click here to gain access to the missing editions!   [more]

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Rethinking a Pond? 
Winter is a great time, says Ed Beaulieu, to start thinking about ways to upgrade and improve a backyard pond.  Here's a little guidance in deciding what can be done, starting with the pond's physical dimensions and moving on to consider a list of other possibilities.  [more]

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Making Water Dance
Lots of his clients have seen elaborate water walls during their travels, notes Randy Beard, and want him to re-create scaled-down versions of them for their own backyards.  That's a tall order, he says -- but one that's doable with a bit of ingenuity.  [more]

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Thinking Video
If the last ten years of project documentation was all about the acceptance and ascendency of digital photoghraphy, asks Jim McCloskey, is it likely that the next ten years will be all about the emergence of easy digital video recording?  [more]
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Could it Happen in the U.S.?
Lady Gaga Closes Stockholm
Hotel Pool for Romantic Tryst  [more]

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Encircled Perfection
Philadelphia's Logan Circle boasts a spectacular fountain with a storied pedigree.  But there's a simple elegance to it, writes Jim McCloskey, that befits its position at the core of a long, distinguished boulevard of museums and other cultural attractions.  [more]

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Witnessing Transitions
Watershapers who proclaim a quality approach must back it up with quality performance, wrote Brian Van Bower in September 2007.  Is there any leeway today?   [more]

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Blind U.S. Navy Swimmer
Wins Paralympics Gold

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.

1.  At the 2012 Paralympics in London, blind U.S. swimmer Navy Lt. Brad Snyder won a gold medal in which of the following events?  

a. 400-meter freestyle          b.  50-meter backstroke
c. 100-meter butterfly           d.  200-meter breaststroke
2.  A community swimming pool in Chikkaballapur district (state of Karnataka), India, which opened only a year and a half ago to great praise, has already been closed. Why? 
a. Inadequate water supply for filling the pool 
b. Substandard work when the pool was built
c. Lack of maintenance and poor accompanying facilities
d. All of the above
3. After one Texas city discovered a $330,000 surplus in its municipal budget, it dedicated most of the money — $211,000 — to keeping five community pools open five days a week instead of two. Which city was it? 
a. Houston    b.  Dallas   c.  San Antonio   d.  El Paso
To find out how many you got right, click here.