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2012/3.1, March 7 -- Dry-Stacked Stone, Hidden Ice Chest, Calatrava's 'Wave' and more




Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the questions below.

1. USA Swimming Foundation and a major oil company joined forces to bring Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones to Houston on March 7 to kick off the 2012 “Make a Splash” tour, a six-city water safety campaign that will educate children about the importance of learning how to swim. Indeed, this oil company has been involved with the issue of water safety for more than three decades. Which company is it?

          a. Shell       b. ExxonMobil       c. ConocoPhillips       d. Chevron

2. Seventy people — including 45 children — at a community swimming pool recently had to be rushed to the hospital because of chlorine fumes. In which Canadian province was the pool located?

          a. British Columbia   b. Alberta   c. Saskatchewan   d. Ontario

3. Portuguese Olympic swimmer Tiago Venancio, who has been training in Dubai, UAE, grew a long beard — which he then shaved off right before the Olympic trials. Why did he grow the beard?

          a. To stay warm, because the water in the Dubai pool is kept at
                a relatively low temperature.
          b. To show respect for Islamic traditions in Dubai.
          c. To deliberately slow himself down in the water, forcing him
                to swim harder to overcome the impediment.
          d. To impress a young woman he fancies; she told him she
                loves men with beards.

To find out how many you got right, click here.

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