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February 22, 2012 WATERSHAPES.COM

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.

1. The site of the upcoming European swimming championships — scheduled to take place two months before the London Olympics — is being moved from Antwerp, Belgium, to Debrecen, Hungary. Why?

a. A dispute between Belgium’s French-speaking Walloons and
Dutch-speaking Flemings.
b. A budget shortfall of $525,000.
c. Hungary’s successful lawsuit brought before the High Court
of the Europe Union.
d. Ongoing problems with the Belgian electrical grid.

2. The Save Mart Supermarkets chain has launched a “Save Our Pools” campaign in one California city; the chain has pledged to match the first $500,000 raised by local residents, which will enable the city’s public pools to open this summer. Which city is it?

a. Fresno c. Oakland
b. Eureka d. Sacramento

3. Residents of Mumbai, India, just stood around and watched when a 7-year-old boy was spotted floating motionless in a swimming pool; the child did not receive medical attention until 45 minutes later and was pronounced dead. What reason did the bystanders give for their inaction?

a. The boy belonged to a lower caste.
b. None of the bystanders knew how to swim.
c. They said rescuing the boy was the job of the police.
d. They assumed the boy must already be dead.

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