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February 8, 2012 WATERSHAPES.COM

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the four questions below.

1. A guest at a Holiday Inn Express was killed and several others were injured — one of them seriously — due to a carbon monoxide leak from the hotel’s indoor-pool heater. Allegedly, there were indications more than a week earlier that there was a problem with the heater. Where did this take place?

a. Boca Raton, Florida c. South Charleston, West Virginia
b. Gila Bend, Arizona d. North Bellmore, New York

2. Researchers have discovered that swimming under certain conditions can release the natural pain killer norepinephrine in the body and boost the immune system. Under what conditions do these benefits occur?

a. Swimming for brief periods in extremely warm water
b. Swimming for brief periods in extremely cold water
c. Swimming doing the sidestroke
d. Swimming outdoors under a full moon.

3. Also on the health front, researchers have determined that swimming helps lower the blood pressure in a particular demographic group. Which group?

a. Young children c. Middle-aged women
b. Teenagers d. Older adults

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