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August 24, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM
Movie Legend Marilyn Monroe:
Nude Swimming Outtakes from the Ill-Fated 'Something's Got to Give' 

In the first part of his 'Watershapers Must Grow or Go!’ opinion piece, Mark Holden basically ripped the watershaping industry a new one, as the saying goes. In this issue, he prescribes ways to chart a new course. What do you think? Click on the article’s ‘Join the Dialogue’ box and express yourself. Also, help Jim McCloskey answer the question he poses in the WaterShapes World Blog: ‘Brighter Future or Wishful Thinking?’ Read the articles above and leave your comments at the end.
Do you know the answers?

1. Earlier this month, 61-year-old Diana Nyad was in the news for her unsuccessful attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida. What this the athlete's first, second or third try at crossing the Florida Strait?

2. Why was a veteran New York lifeguard fired from his job in 2007? (His case recently made headlines again when an appeals court reinstated his discrimination lawsuit.) Here's a hint: The reason he was fired had to do with swimwear.

3. Why are health experts now advising people not to jump or dive into natural bodies of water such as rivers and lakes or if they do, to use a nose clip or pinch their nostrils shut with their thumb and forefinger?

4. 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman was back in the news recently this time because of her backyard aboveground pool. What was the problem?