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Delta Ultraviolet Brings the EP Series to Pond Applications


Delta artDelta Ultraviolet (Gardena, CA) has introduced its EP Series for fish ponds – particularly those that host koi.  Made from mirror-polished 316L stainless steel, the units offer long lamp life, dedicated electronic ballasts for maximum lamp efficiency and control and a sealing system designed for easy lamp changes and quick cleaning.  For details, click here.  






Aquascape Announces UltraKlean Biological Pressure Filter


Aquascape UltraKlean artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has introduced the UltraKlean biological pressure filter for use with ornamental ponds.  Featuring a high-output ultraviolet clarifier with an integrated electronic bulb-saver feature, the units is easily integrated into both new and existing ponds and can be backwashed in minutes without having to open the canister.  For details, click here.









Fountain Bleu Offers Dual-Filter Cart for Pond Cleaning


Fountain Bleu artFountain Bleu (Southwick, MA) now offers Dual-Filter Carts for use with its Water-Vac Solids Separation Systems.  The filters break down particulates into multiple stages to speed up cleaning times.  Operating to the 200-micron level at 3,000 gallons per hour, the carts can be combined to bring even more filtration to the pond-cleaning process.  For details, click here.



Emperor Aquatics’ Multi-Cyclone for Ponds


Emperor multi-cycloneEmperor Aquatics (Pottstown, PA) manufactures the Multi-Cyclone pre-filter for pond applications.  A centrifugal solids-separating device, the unit literally spins particulates and contaminants out of suspension and collects them in a sediment bowl for easy removal.  This reduces cleaning frequency and reduces water consumption.  For details, click here.





Oase Offers Pond Filter with Built-In UV Clarifier


oase filterOase Living Water (Corona, CA) offers the FiltoClear line of pressure filters for pond applications.  Available in three sizes to accommodate the needs of ponds up to 4,000 gallons, the compact, unobtrusive, all-in-one system features a cleaning mechanism that minimizes maintenance time and a built-in ultraviolet unit for optimal efficiency.  For details, click here.





ClearwaterTech Offers Ultraviolet Systems for Pools, Ponds


ClearWater Tech UV artClearWater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) manufacturers a family of ultraviolet ozone-generating systems.  Featuring food-grade stainless steel for the ozone reaction chambers and ultra-efficient electronic ballasts to power the lamps, the units are ready for use on residential pools and spas as well as ornamental waterfeatures, ponds and small aquariums.  For details, click here.







Aquascape Publishes its 2014 Water Gardening Catalog


aquascape catalog artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has released the 2014 edition of its Water Gardening Catalog.  The 104-page, full-color reference covers the company’s full lines of pond kits as well as filters, liners and underlayments, hoses and pipes, pumps, lighting, water treatments and fish-care products.  There’s also a section on rainwater harvesting systems as well.  For details, click here.






Little Giant Offers Skimmers for Various Pond Sizes


Little Giant artLittle Giant (Oklahoma City, OK) manufactures skimmers for a variety of pond applications.  Engineered to encourage balanced ecosystems, the units install easily and come in 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 gallon-per-hour models that improve surface cleaning with a flow-through design and a multi-stage filter system that minimizes maintenance.  For details, click here.





Aquascape Introduces Floating Plant Island


Aquascape plant islandAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has announced its new Floating Plant Island – a means of displaying marginal aquatic plants in deeper areas of a pond where there are no plant shelves.  The floating 15-by-11-inch planter includes an anchoring loop and keeps the soil intact while it lets water in and protects the plants it carries from fish.  For details, click here.



Otterbine Barebo Introduces Fractional Series Fountains for Small Ponds


Otterbine fractional fountainsOtterbine Barebo (Emmaus, PA) now offers the Fractional Aerating Fountain & Mixer Series for ponds of less than a half-acre in surface area that need aesthetically pleasing aeration. The easy-to-install, half-horsepower units come with four interchangeable surface spray patterns, but they can also be submerged for use as horizontal mixers. For details, click here.







Aquascape Releases Its 2013 Watergarden Product Catalog


Aquascape artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has published its 2013 product catalog – the first that combines all of its lines in a single publication for contractors and retailers.  The 76-page, full-color booklet covers pond equipment, lighting, water treatment, fish and plant care and more.  For details, click here.







EasyPro Pond Products Offers Economical 30-mil EPDM Liners


EasyPro artEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) has introduced Integra Liner, a 30-mil EPDM pond liner intended to reduce the cost of pond projects without compromising quality.  Available in rolls and in precut sizes in boxes or bags, the material carries a 25-year warranty, is safe for fish, plants and wildlife, stays flexible under extreme conditions.  For details, click here.


Air-O-Lator Offers Deep Aire Aeration Systems


air-o-lator artAir-O-Lator (Kansas City, MO) offers Deep Aire, a bottom-mounted air diffuser that introduces oxygen to a pond’s lowest depths.  Available in seven models for ponds of various sizes, the units run on air compressors located outside the pond and deliver air through a hose running into the water, so no electrical system are in the water.  For details, click here.




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