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Mystic Falls Illuminated Weirs from Aquility Systems


Aquility mystic falls artAquility Systems (Gainesville, FL) makes the Mystic Falls line of illuminated waterfall weirs.  Designed for use in ponds and watergardens, the filtered units generate crystal-clear cascades of color and are available in five energy-efficient LED colors and in four standard widths from 8 to 24 inches (with 24- and 36-inch models available by special order).  For details, click here.




Savio Engineering’s Livingponds Waterfall Filters


savio filter artSavio Engineering (New York, NY) manufactures Livingponds Waterfall Filters.  Designed to harness the natural dynamics of moving water, their cylindrical design puts pond water into a self-cleaning, highly dynamic spin cycle to remove the heaviest debris before it gets to the filter media and ensures even flow through the entire filter chamber.  For details, click here.






Atlantic Water Gardens Launches TidalWave3 Pumps


AWG tidalwave artAtlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has introduced seven models of TidalWave3 pond pumps.  Designed to move more water per watt, these compact units offer flows from 1,500 to 9,000 gallons per hour.  They are also configured to be clog-resistant and are hard-water-tolerant, making them the perfect choice for high-flow, medium-head applications.  For details, click here.




EasyPro Pond Products Offers ‘Serenity’ Pond Dye


EasyPro pond dye artEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) has added Serenity as a new color in its line of pond dyes.  Designed to help filter out the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the concentrated liquid will not stain or harm fish, plants or visiting wildlife once dispersed in the water.  The product combines qualities of the company’s Blue and Black dyes in a dark blackish-blue look.  For details, click here.













Vertex Water Features Introduces Solar Pond Aerator


Vertex brite-star artVertex Water Features (Pompano Beach, FL) offers BriteStar, a fully automatic, battery-free solar aeration system for use in pond and lake applications where utility power is unavailable or clients want to use clean energy whenever possible.  The system raises oxygen levels, thereby reducing muck, nutrient and suspended-organic levels in the water.  For details, click here.



Aquascape Offers Product and Application Drawings


Aquascape CAD artAquascape (St, Charles, Ill.) has announced the availability of more than 50 of its product and application drawings for free downloads at CADdetails.com, an online resource for manufacturer-specific information on building products.  When visiting the Aquascape page, you can access media files, spec sheets, 2D details, catalog links, videos and more.  For details, click here.






Emperor Aquatics Offers Tadpole UV Pond Filter


Emperor Tadpole artEmperor Aquatics (Pottstown, PA) makes the Tadpole UV Filter, a plumbing-free, completely submersible water-maintenance system for ponds holding up to 1,500 gallons.  The system includes a pump, a solid-waste filtering pad and a 25-watt ultraviolet water-sterilizing unit and is suited for use with moderately sized fish populations.  For details, click here.

Aquascape Introduces Automatic Dosing System


Aquascape dosing artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) now offers the Automatic Dosing System for ponds, fountains, and pondless waterfalls.  Designed to help maintain optimal water quality by consistently and accurately applying specified quantities of up to four different water-treatment agents daily, the units adjust easily and indicate when treatment pouches need replacing.  For details click here and refer to page 53 in the catalog.




Clay Filter Medium from Emperor Aquatics


Emperor filter clay artEmperor Aquatics (Pottstown, PA) offers Filter Clay, a multi-function filtration medium made from clay finely ground and baked at a consistent particle size.  Intended for use in both mechanical and biological filter applications, the material works as a substitute for fine sand and has a highly porous surface that makes it ideal for bacterial colonization.  For details, click here.



Biological Pond Filters from Emperor Aquatics


Emperor Aquatics filter artEmperor Aquatics (Pottstown, PA) makes BioPro pressurized pond filters for use with heavy fish loads.  Designed for installation on ponds holding up to 16,000 gallons, the units work in tandem with mechanical filters (which clear away larger debris and solid waste) and support large colonies of beneficial bacteria in their bio-media filtering beds.  For details, click here.  




Perma-Bead Filters from Advanced Aquaculture Systems


Advanced Aqua Perma Bead artAdvanced Aquaculture Systems (Brandon, FL) offers filtration systems for ponds and architectural waterfeatures, all featuring Perma-Bead filter media that eliminates clogging, compaction and channeling.  The units can also be equipped with ultraviolet sanitizers, automatic backwashing systems and variable-frequency drives for greater efficiency.  For details, click here.



Aquascape Introduces LED Garden and Pond Lighting


Aquascape LED Lighting artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has announced new options within its line of LED lighting systems.  All of the easy-to-install fixtures are permanently sealed and watertight, with die-cast metal housings and bronze coatings designed to hold up in all weather conditions, and come in a variety of configurations for use in waterfalls and fountains as well as landscapes.  For details, click here.



Savio Provides Black Foam for Waterfall Construction


savio foam artSavio Engineering (New York, NY) makes expanding Black Foam for use in waterfalls.  Designed to redirect water flow over rocks as well as seal cracks and fill voids, the professional-grade material includes a high carbon content for increased UV resistance and long-term durability.   It won’t harden or shrink and is ready to trim in less than an hour.  For details, click here.



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