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Feeling Grateful

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedBack in the day when WaterShapes was primarily a magazine and only marginally an Internet entity, I had a group of fine people around me. In fact, at the time we shifted from mostly print to all-digital after releasing our July 2011 edition, the same team had put together every edition of the magazine for more than a dozen years.

It was a merry crew, and one of my most pleasant tasks each year was

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Aesthetics First!

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedI ran into an interesting reaction to my last blog — the one about diving boards and slides — that forced me to meditate on my approach to this series of articles about elements of aquatic environments that I like and/or dislike.

“Must everything,” I was asked, “be about aesthetics? You yourself say that diving boards and slides are a blast, but then you

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Tracking a Personal Trend

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedMy feelings about diving boards and slides have changed through the years.

When I was a kid, there was no poolside sight more welcoming than either one of those accessories. The clowning that took place on and around diving boards was, for starters, unmatched in hilarity, and there was nothing quite so satisfying as

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Something in the Air?

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedThe past couple weeks have seen an unusual number of good-news items cross my desk.

Let’s start with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals’ announcement of the formation of World of Recreational Water, a new foundation that will promote the sustainable use of recreational water worldwide.

Back when Eric Herman and I spent many long hours

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Rearranging the Furniture

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedI know that I promised to start a string of blogs on my likes and dislikes in watershape design, but the news from the Genesis 3 Design Group about Skip Phillips and Brian Van Bower parting ways with David Tisherman must jump to the head of the line.

I have watched these three gentlemen at work, separately and together, for

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Recent comments

  • Guest - Peter Langevin

    Well put Jim. I know that you are very close to all three. A short reflection on David Tisherman. I sent him an email asking who he respected in the world of architecture. His reply: I’ll be home on Thanksgiving day call me well talk! I called him (my wife gave me hell for it) and while he ate a tur...
  • Guest - Kate Yoklavich

    Well written Jim and I agree with you, “here is to new beginnings”. This is just another turn in the natural stone, concrete, and tile clad road of the water shaping trade. I’m positive this industry will continue to grow with old and new personalities alike.
  • Guest - Michael J. Logsdon

    i certainly agree with your comments jim and i too am sad to see the breakup. i have learned so much from all three of the genesis founders as well as all the instructors and various students in the program and i will continue to support all three men and the organizations they are associated with…t...
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All Things Considered

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedI’ve spent 50 of my years living in Southern California – an exhilarating half-century in which I’ve spent a lot of time, man and boy, in the presence of watershapes of various forms and sizes. The experiences I’ve had have filled me with opinions about the nature of these bodies of water and their accoutrements, so

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Recent comments

  • Guest - Serena Fossi

    Would love more information on ideas for water, sculpture, fountain.feature, esp. those that can be joined with rain harvesting 'boxes' connected to downspouts. Here in the DC area, that seems to be the greatest area of interest recently. Some interest in spa pools and small easy to maintain mini ...
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Jumping In

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedA couple blogs back, I wrote about the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Step Into Swim program (see “A Campaign Apart,” 10 October 2012). Since then, I’ve been following the program’s progress, digging into its background and getting more and more convinced of its significance.

I’ve been around the industry long enough to know that

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The Spirit of the Season

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedI’ve always been a Christmas junkie. I grew up with two brothers and three sisters (I was fifth in line), and with so many people involved, the activity level in our household started building with Thanksgiving and didn’t really calm down until sometime after January 1.

One of my fondest memories is of the first year in which

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Time and Tide

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedAs I was putting the finishing touches on my plans for New Orleans and the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo, one of the people I was trying to set up a breakfast with asked me how many of these shows I’d attended through the years.

“Hundreds,” I said, without giving it much thought.

Attending shows is, after all, one of the main duties associated

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Making Things Easier

By Jim McCloskey

Blog art croppedThere’s nothing like a good breeze to turn swimming pools and other watershapes into magnets for debris – especially if there are still plenty of leaves on the trees.

We had gusting winds of record strength here in Southern California the other day – enough, in fact, to make the national news. When I walked out into my backyard the next day, the skimmer basket was full and the pool cleaner had

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Reaching and Teaching

By Jim McCloskey

As you might imagine given our plans for AquaticSpacesNetwork (see my last blog entry, “Charting a New Course,” for details), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reaching out to consumers.
Along the way, it has occurred to me that good information is almost always universally useful — that is, information that helps build 

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A Campaign Apart

By Jim McCloskey


For several years now, one of the people in the watershaping realm who has impressed me most is Tom Lachocki.
He’s the guiding spirit behind the research programs at the National Swimming Pool Foundation, a mover and shaker with the annual World Aquatic Health Conferences, the ambassador for 

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Charting a New Course


By Jim McCloskey
Almost from the day I decided to suspend publication of the printed version of WaterShapes, I had a vision of what was coming next.
Reaching all the way back to my earliest days with Pool & Spa News, I recall impassioned conversations about the pool industry’s perceived need to reach out to consumers.  Although studies were done, committees formed and advertising campaigns plotted and executed, there was never any 

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