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Ozone: Expanding Its Range

By Beth Hamil

BethHamilOzoneIn the first part of this in-depth look at ozone, author Beth Hamil discussed its environmental benefits for energy consumption, water usage and general healthfulness. [To read Part One, click here.] In this installment, she turns to the many new aquatic applications the ozone industry is exploring.

Ozone-system suppliers have made enormous efforts in recent years to develop and scale new systems for all sorts of aquatic

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Ozone: Understanding Its Green Side

By Beth Hamil

BethHamilOzoneIf you use the words “ozone” and “environment” in the same sentence, most people are going to think of the ozone layer and emissions that may be harming it. Most do not think of manmade ozone and how this remarkable compound yields

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How to Make Durable Pool Plaster

By Kim Skinner

KimSkinnerPoolPlasterAs familiar as it may seem, plaster is far more complicated than most people think.

As a consequence of that complexity, it has for years been the subject of discussion, controversy and a great volume of research and analysis. All of that has been dedicated to reaching

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  • Guest - Kim Skinner

    Brian, There are several possible variables and reasons for the current condition of the plaster surface. Let's understand that the improper workmanship issues I mention my article generally manifest themselves withthe first year. You mentioned "pitting" and I assume that means that the surf...
  • Guest - Brian

    Kim, I have a pool that is only three seasons old. I noticed the surface changing in year one and now in year three there is drastic pitting all over. I can actually brush the surface with my hand a see a white haze form in the water. The water has been in perfect balance since I owned it (accord...
  • Lots of great info. Through extensive research, we've found that the best way to get the most durable pool plaster is by adding a specially formulated additive to your plaster mix.
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Five Keys to Waterproofing Success

By Mike Mudrick

MikeMudrickWaterproofingIt's a fact: Watershapes built with concrete need to be waterproofed in some way or it is almost certain that the water their shells are supposed to contain will find a way to escape.

While some observe that concrete applied by an expert at high levels of compressive strength will

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  • Guest - Terry Brannon

    While I am a big fan of Aquafin products, we must note that Aquafin and many of its competitors do not recommend using the product on the back side (dry side) of negative-edge walls, but only on the wet or pool side. Delamination has resulted in using polymer - especially elastomeric waterproofing u...
  • Guest - William T. Drakeley

    You're kidding, right? "All shells need to have some type of waterproofing." This statement reflects an uninformed state of pool construction expertise and leads one to a very, very low expectation and conclusion about water tightness, porosity and density values. This type of thought process does n...
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